Winning over customers and closing deals is a tedious process that requires some really smart work. Everybody is ready to do the work, but what makes all the difference is, that one thing you tend to miss out on amidst the chaos of the modern B2B world.

Buyers today are much more evolved and demanding than they used to be a year ago, or a day before, for that matter. The most crucial factor is how well you align yourself with your changing customer’s requirements and expectations.

Strategizing is the key to unlocking your wholesome B2B sales potential.
Let’s take a tour through 5 winning strategies for your sales team to conquer the Modern B2B buyer.
  1. Know your prospects well enough to sack them up.
  2. Embrace Sales Enablement
  3. Both sales and marketing teams should work hand in hand
  4. Cut across different channels
  5. Engage and nurture old clients

1. Know your prospects well enough to sack them up

“Know your customer so well that you can make a product they’ll love before they know they want it”- Steve Jobs

The best strategy to win B2B buyers is to understand your customers well.

A thorough and crisp understanding of your potential clients is the best tool to consistently increase leads and close more deals. Research well into your prospects to get insights into their brand requirements. Pick up their pain points and develop a comprehensive understanding of the industries to which they belong.


Now, when it comes to sales your primary concern is to pitch your products and services as the ideal solutions to their pain points. And this is where you need to make your products purchasable.

Build your ideal customer profile and navigate your sales efforts to match their requirements and standards. Listen to your potential clients thoroughly, draw on their changing customer behavior, and launch products accordingly. Knowing what they are looking for is one thing, but knowing what they don’t know about themselves gives your sales cycle an added edge and vigor.

2. Strategize with Sales Enablement

“Organizations with sales enablement, achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals, compared to a 42.5% win rate for organizations without sales enablement.” – CSO

What exactly is sales enablement?

Empowering sales personnel or any other person involved in the sales process with relevant resources required to crack any deal. It can be in the form of training, content, analytic tools, presentations, templates, reports, datasheets, video product demos, articles, infographics and do more. Embracing Sales enablement will help the sales team to communicate effectively with buyers and elevate sales volume and scale.


Sales enablement is a must to run an efficient sales department that brings in sales effortlessly. Only an empowered sales team with crisp awareness into each stage of the sales process can close deals for any B2B.

Important components of sales enablement

  • Content creation and management
  • Training and onboarding
  • Sales tools and technology
  • Sales analytics and metrics
  • Continuous improvement

3. Team up Both sales and marketing teams

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford

The friction between the sales and marketing teams of an organization can result in the downfall of overall sales. As we all know the end goal of both the marketing and sales team is to generate more revenue.

This very aspect points to how important it is for both the marketing and sales teams to be on the same page, for when both teams are working for the same goal they need to be synchronized and effectively communicate with each other.

There should be a unified approach and consistent messaging of a brand when it comes to the marketing and sales teams of a firm. Multiple approaches with inconsistent messaging can confuse potential prospects and sometimes even make them question the credibility of the firm.

4. Cut across different channels

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value.” – Pete Cashmore

The established channel approach has changed. Throughout their purchasing journeys, B2B consumers now frequently use more than nine channels, ranging from mobile apps and the web to more traditional channels like email and phone calls.

Several of them are delighted to close agreements worth more than $500,000 without ever having met the seller since they have grown so accustomed to this method of operation.

It’s more appropriate to say that your consumers no longer consider channels while making purchases; instead, they need seamless, personalized, and intuitive experiences from their purchasing journey and they go to places that readily offer them such experiences.

5. Nurturing old clientele

“There’s a certain way of creating a service, hospitality, and experience that perpetuates people feeling like they matter.”-Julie Rice
Nurturing old clients is as important as customer acquisition and lead nurturing in B2B sales. Repeat customers are one of the greatest contributors to B2B revenue and if you are planning to ace your sales game you need to be conspicuous regarding the efforts you put in for customer retention and clientele sustenance.

Why is nurturing important?

  • Old clients have a higher Customer lifetime value
  • Old customers spend more
  • Old customers promote your business
  • New customers are expensive

How to nurture your customers and increase repeat customer rates ?

  • Reward repeat customers
  • Focus on customer service
  • Offer incentives to repeat customers
  • Act on customer feedback
  • Personalize your communications
  • Use email to stay top of mind
  • Review customer data
  • Build customer experiences
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities
The customer expects more from companies today. That means you need to ensure that the customer is at the center of sales and channels, technology, employees, incentives, and cultures of the company should be aligned with the psychographics of your prospects!

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