Email marketing has not just existed but dominated all the other marketing techniques. It has shown progressive results to many marketers.

Email marketing when done right can do wonders for your website. And an email marketing campaign can be executed based on the type of email list you use. Ergo, the fate of your email marketing campaign is directly proportionate to your email list.

Why is it important to have an email list?

The people who sign-up to your email list are more likely to convert as paying customers due to the vested interest in your brand. They subscribe to your newsletter because they want to hear from you. Well, there are essentially two ways to acquire an email list. You either purchase an email list based on your target audience from email list providers or build and grow your own email list organically (which is obviously a little time-consuming).

Which brings us to the topic – how to grow your email list?

We have listed down few essential tips to grow your email list.

#1 Send Invitations Through Social Media Platforms

Email marketing has been the most effective technique of marketing, and it will continue to do so. But things have changed since the introduction of social media platforms. 

An average consumer spends more time on a social media platform than on any other platform.

Inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter on a social media platform makes sense. Ask the people following you on any social media platform to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Add the link to your sign-up page in any post you make on Facebook or Twitter.

#2 Master your Subject Lines

Do you really want to grab your subscriber’s attention? Then write your subject lines the right way.

Write subject lines that stand out in your subscriber’s inbox and keep the recipient engaged.

Subscriber engagement is very important because an engaged subscriber will most likely purchase from you, recommend you to a friend through word of mouth, and not unsubscribe.

One of the most important parts of growing your email list is retaining your current subscribers. And you can do that by keeping your subscribers happy.

#3 Make Subscribing Effortless

The position of the subscription form is very important. Most websites and blogs place it in the sidebar or footer of the page. Which turns out to be the least effective.

Place the registration box on the home page of your website, where it is easily accessible. Let the content on your webpage wrap the registration box from the top and below.

In addition, it is better if you keep the registration process very simple. As simple as just entering an email address. Nevertheless, we agree that asking for your subscriber’s name first will help you personalize the emails.

The objective behind this is to make the form as simpler as possible. The simpler your form, the faster your audience will grow.

#4 Publish Useful Content

You cannot expect your email list to grow unless you provide your subscribers useful content. All other techniques to grow your email list will fail if you deliver poor content to your subscribers.

When people submit their email address, they expect to be delivered something of value, or something beneficial to them.

To grow your email list, you need to reduce the number of unsubscribes. And you can do that by delivering good content at the right frequency of emails.

#5 Welcome Your Subscribers

Make your subscribers feel at home. Welcome them when they first sign-up for your newsletter.

This is a good way of leaving a good impression on your subscribers.

A welcome email is a good way to briefly explain your brand and what can be expected from your future emails.

Remember to keep it short and accurate. Lengthy and wordy emails are a huge turnoff.

#6 Dedicate a Page for Sign-up

Having a dedicated sign-up page on your website will spice things up.

On this page, you can explain why subscribing to your newsletter is beneficial to them.

Also, when you have a dedicated sign-up page, you can easily share the link across different platforms. You can add the shareable link to your Facebook or Twitter posts to invite them.

#7 Incentivize your Subscribers

People are subscribing to your newsletter, and how do you express your gratitude?

By giving them free coupon codes, discounts, eBooks, or anything else of benefit. Many businesses actively use this technique to keep their subscribers happy.

Getting people to subscribe to your email newsletter is one thing and retaining them is another. If you make false promises that you cannot keep will fetch you a lot of unsubscribes.

Wrapping up

There you go! Apply these tested tips to increase your email list.

Maintaining a healthy email list proves to be a valuable asset to grow your business. Just like promoting your website, growing your email list is equally important. An Dentist email list is considered to be a very effective way to increase the traffic to your blog as well as sales and customer engagement.

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