7 Technology Trends

The year 2020 hasn’t been any less than a roller coaster for many businesses across the world, with covid-19 disrupting many businesses and creating new opportunities, compelling towards the digital era. It makes it important for us to keep a track of the ongoing business trends, hence, we have listed down our predictions of the technologies that are going to gain their dominance in 2021.

Internet of Things(IoT)

This one was quite popular amongst the tech geeks, with over 7 billion internet-connected devices it is safe to say that, it has gained a lot of acceptance in our daily lives. Any operational physical device can now be connected to the internet to operate or communicate with.

For example, there were days when turning on/off any household device required us to physically press its buttons, but today these devices being interconnected through IoT, we are already experiencing that any device in your household can be controlled through your smartphones. From autonomous cars to tiny devices everything will be connected to the internet in the forthcoming years.

Intelligent Automation

Many businesses today rely on various automation for their repetitive and time-consuming business processes, the new era of digital transformation is what businesses like calling this.

Automation has reaped quite some results in major industries like manufacturing, marketing, packaging, and shipping. We are soon going to experience that automation becomes a necessity for businesses to work efficiently, provide better customer service, improve productivity, and reduce business costs.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is conquering its place in every industry possible, gone are those days when we used to see Tony stark speak commanding Jarvis for normal and complex tasks in the movies because the future is here! 

Today many industries employ AI for their assistance from smartphones using them as personal assistants to many businesses using AI technology for customer service. We predict that businesses will rely on AI and machine learning technology more to make financial decisions based on qualitative analysis and eliminate manual intervention processes to improve productivity.

Cloud Computing

Starting in 1999, cloud computing has seen exponential growth in this digital era, supporting many online businesses cloud computing is by far the fastest growing industry. With more and more businesses going online after realizing how important taking their business online is during the pandemic, it is certain that the number of cloud-based operations is going to touch the sky. We are going to witness a massive surge in cloud storage demand keeping in mind the ongoing growth of online businesses.

Blockchain Technology

Many organizations across different industries have expressed their interest in this technology and the future applications of the same. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on blockchain technology. In the coming years, we are going to witness more applications of blockchain technology in various industries like finance for tracking financial properties, cybersecurity, cloud storage, IoT, advertisements, and digital currency.


Fifth-generation mobile internet connectivity, which is going to be superfast and offer some great stability, was quite expensive and also limited to major cities in the world, but in the forthcoming year due to rapid innovations, it will become affordable and available for the masses, soon we are going to bid farewell to all the wired connections.

Data Science

In today’s paradigm, data science is already in action imbibed itself in our lives so well that we cannot imagine our future without it. Data science has spread its wings vastly in many industries. For instance, let us consider the automobile industry, autonomous cars, autopilot cars, self-parking cars, to develop such technology one can not blindly hard code everything it requires tonnes of behavioral data to be analyzed first. Similarly, data science begs its presence in various other industries like IT, Healthcare, banking, and finance.

Important mentions

The following are few technological domains worth mentioning, which will make their way into mainstream business to reach the populace.

Autonomous vehicles

Yes, just the way Hollywood sci-fi movies depicted, we will witness an era of autonomous cars, self-driving cars, autopilot cars, automatic public transport, and fixed destination cabs.


Speaking of higher-end technology, military drones are a thing now, and mentioning the more common usage – many food delivery chains are considering drones for delivery. In the coming years, we shall get our pizza delivered by drones.

Wrapping up

These are the technologies that are going to take a lead in 2021, few are actively in use and few are yet to be made common, so let’s sit back and witness the digital transformation of businesses.

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