Twitter Analytics
Twitter ranks among the 15 most popular social networking sites.
Around 75% of B2B business marketing took place on Twitter.

Are you someone looking to leverage this space to build your brand and market it efficiently? Then beware, it’s a rat race! The trick is to ace it without much hassle, and that’s where Twitter Analytics Tools come into play.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s not only about consistency and great content, you must keep track of your performance, be it follower count, new followers, unfollowers, mentions, engagement, and more. Twitter Analytics Tools are the perfect way to go about it if you wish to bridge the gap between you and your prospects and build your brand true to its values.

Here are 8 top Twitter analytic tools you need to know in 2023 to audit your Twitter marketing efforts.

Hootsuite Insights
Twitter Analytics

1. Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights is one of the most prominent Twitter analytics tools provided by Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform. It essentially eavesdrops on your prospects and tells you exactly what your potential customers are looking for.

From tracking Twitter activity in real-time to performance metrics such as monitoring brand mentions, tracking hashtags, and identifying influencers in specific industries, Hootsuite Insights opens up a large number of avenues for you to build your brand on Twitter.

2. Twitter Analytics

As their watchword says, the Twitter Analytics tool measures and helps significantly boost your brand’s impact on Twitter. The services of this tool can be categorized into 3 namely-
  • Tweet activity: it measures engagement metrics and provides insights to make each tweet more worth it.
  • Followers: it profiles the interests, location, and demographics of your followers and provides insights to nurture your growth on Twitter.
  • Twitter Cards: it tracks click-through rates, open rates, app, installations, retweets, and more.

3. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a very powerful consumer research tool and helps customers mature in digital consumer intelligence. Brandwatch’s Twitter Analytics tools help with Real-time monitoring, Sentiment analysis, Influencer analysis, Topic analysis, Custom dashboards, etc.

4. Tweetbinder

Tweetbinder is the best Twitter analytics tool to make informed, data-driven decisions. It mainly provides unique features like hashtag analysis, account analysis, etc. Users can use TweetBinder to better understand their audience, gauge the effectiveness of their social media operations, and more.

5. Buffer

The most cutting-edge social media analytics tool for reliable reports is Buffer. Using a single user-friendly analytics dashboard, it tracks user performance and generates data for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Also, it offers information to raise sales, engagement, and reach. Today, more than 75,000 businesses utilize Buffer, including by established brands like FOOD52, Huckberry, Shopify, Spotify, and many others for analyzing Twitter activities and helping them expand their business through social media platforms.

6. Followerwonk

Establish trends, broaden your audience, boost your reach, and gain more followers. The ability to examine and compare followers, their locations, losses, and gains, as well as take note of when followers are active, are among the features. Visitors can compare other profile information like location, bio, website, and name while also viewing social authority rankings. Users of Followerwonk are able to compare and search Twitter users using keywords. Following that, analytics and follower statistics can be produced using this information.

7. Keyhole

It offers in-the-moment hashtag tracking so users may assess their social media campaigns and hashtag stats. Influencer marketing, campaign and brand monitoring, market research, and event tracking are all included. This is most likely the greatest tool for compiling data and creating reports that are currently available.

Keyhole has over 5000 customers across the world including agencies, non-profit organizations, and media outlets. Some of the brands that have collaborated with Keyhole over the years include Melt, Jelly, Soapbox, Ogilvy, McCann, and others.

8. SproutSocial

From small startups to major corporations, Sprout Social is used by a diverse spectrum of businesses and organizations. It is also well-liked among social media managers, marketers, and customer support teams. It strives to assist companies in creating and upholding solid relationships with their social media audiences and fostering growth and engagement through efficient social media tactics.
Pick the tool that best suits your brand and its subtleties. Draw patterns from Twitter behavior to assist your business communications and amplify your voice in the target market from today.

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