If you are here, it is probably because you would like to know the best practices of email marketing in 2021, we have listed down 9 such email marketing tips that are bound to grow your business and fetch you the best leads.

After the pandemic hit small and large businesses like a cyclone, leaving its destroying trails behind, the one thing that has proven profitable to businesses is email marketing and the way it has generated good traffic and leads. 

So a business needs to have a wisely strategized email campaign and a set of practices that will help you grow through the email channel.

Check out these 9 email marketing tips to enhance your email campaign,

1. Automate Your Email Marketing Program

Without active email marketing automation, sending emails at the right time might turn out to be time-consuming and daunting, automation helps you save time and send emails at the right time with nearly no room for error.

Successful email marketers set forth an automated sequence of emails deployed through triggers. Welcome emails, transactional emails, and order tracking emails are few examples of emails that are triggered to deploy when the user does a certain action on your platform or website.

Today, the automation of email marketing is seamless and efficient, thanks to various third-party automation providers, you can now integrate an automation service to help you speed up and run your marketing campaign smoothly. 

2. Personalized Emails

Personalized emails fetch you better results, when we say that, it is not limited to mentioning your prospect’s name in the email, we agree, users like their name mentioned in the email, but there is more to it!

Send emails that reflect the buyer’s journey in it, for instance, if your user has abandoned the cart after adding products to it, send them an email saying ‘Your favorite items are waiting for you in the cart’ or something like this which is suitable to the users’ last action on your site.

This will make them feel that they are important to you, and on the flip side, you gain yourself a loyal customer added to your customer base.

3. Integrate Call-to-Action Buttons Appropriately

This mainly focuses on improving user experience, not having the customer open your site in another tab or window increasing the number of clicks and efforts required to reach your site, try not to waste your prospect’s time, integrate CTAs wisely in your emails.

A modern-day business uses 2 – 3 CTA buttons in their email positioned appropriately, and make sure the text written on the CTA buttons are in context with the content written in the email, avoid using basic or generic text on CTAs. 

4. Optimize Your Content; Less Is More

People often misunderstand this, when they are asked to optimize their content, they end up adding more chunks of words to their content, people don’t like reading long texts! Yes, read that again.

Try to keep your content short and to the point, convey your message in as few words as possible, include important pointers and information that might be beneficial to the users.

Make it more engaging by using pictures, infographics, or animated images that tell your story.

5. Good Subject Lines Draw Traffic

This one is no rocket science, about 50% of email recipients decide to open your email based on the subject line. That’s a lot! hence, write catchy subject lines that grab your prospect’s attention in a glimpse.

Your subject line is also a deciding factor for spam filters to flag you as spam, statistics show that 69% of marketing emails are marked as spam solely based on their subject line, and we all have witnessed how likely spam messages are ignored.

Use your utmost creativity to write subject lines as they are the key factor of your email campaign.

Use the prospect’s name in the subject line, and personalize the subject line because your emails are 22.2% more likely to be opened when personalized.

6. Welcome Your New Subscriber

Not only do welcome emails give your prospects a warm welcome but also builds a sense of loyalty in their subconscious.

Welcome emails are the right chance to deliver relevant content to the user as welcome emails are 86% more effective than standard newsletters. 

And subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand.

7. Create Emails That Are Suitable For Mobile Devices

A study from campaign monitor asserts that 68% of email campaigns are viewed on mobile devices, making it crucially important to create emails compatible to view on mobile devices, emails are viewed differently on desktops and mobiles.

The modern-day user does not every time open their desktop or laptops to view emails, with the mobile screen being smaller than computers, the email recipient may miss the important information while scrolling fast.

Therefore, put your most important content on the top of the email body where it grabs the user’s attention immediately.

8. Segmenting Your Audience Is Important

Blasting the same email to all your users is not the best practice anymore, maybe it was a decade ago. Since not all your customers are at the same point of buyer’s journey, try to segment your customer base and create more personalized emails specific to segments.

9. Comply With Data Policies

If you do not want your domain to be banned, then we suggest you follow the regulations in the CAN-SPAM ACT. The federal trade commission has collated a set of guidelines called ‘CAN-SPAM ACT compliance guide’ for email marketers.

Click here to check out the CAN-SPAM ACT compliance guide.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is a dynamic process that does not drive results overnight, you need a consistent strategy to achieve your pre-determined goals. As per the ever-changing aspects of marketing, we have presented to you the best practices for email marketing for 2021.

We also mention that what has worked out for us might not precisely show results for you, try, test, and evolve what works best for you, since every business is different than others. 

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