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Real estate is a lucrative business yielding high revenue if done properly. But the fact that most real estate agents go out of business due to improper revenue generation can not be ignored. Just like in any other business, one needs to pitch for sales, follow up, and nurture the lead until the lead is converted into a paying customer. To thrive in the Real estate business an agent needs to cultivate patience traits immensely, along with it, to enhance sales and generate more revenue, an agent requires an intelligent email marketing strategy.

Email marketing time after time has proved its worth in every business, to be a good real estate agent in this modernized era of businesses you should be using an email marketing strategy, and stay connected with your prospects at all times. Email marketing is not as easy as it sounds, it is a very complex process of lead generation. There are a lot of factors that decide if an email marketing strategy is benefitting your business or not. It often happens that an email marketing strategy that went wrong harms your business than doing good.

Therefore to help you in your quest, we have compiled a list of the best email marketing automation practices to gain the most optimum results out of your marketing campaign.

Focus on personalizing your emails

Imagine you are in a shop and a salesperson is giving you attention exclusively showing you around things, this portrays that the shop cares about every customer offering them a personalized experience, this makes them feel wanted. Similarly, you need to show them you are paying attention to your customer exclusively, and personalizing your emails by mentioning their name and other information is the best way to do so.

You can improve the chances of converting them into a paying customer, personalizing an email also helps you build a healthy relationship with your customer and builds a shining image of your brand in the market. Personalizing an email does not only mean to include their name in your email, you need to go a step further and wish them on their festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries. This will help you build an influential relationship with your customers.

Choose the right frequency for newsletters

Newsletters are your brand’s emissaries, they let your customers know what new is happening, like the newly constructed business in their vicinity coming up for sale, important upcoming events, or the inauguration of the new apartment building. The objective is to keep your prospects updated about the ongoing and upcoming events in your company.

Newsletters are the foundations of any email marketing campaign, when you understand the right way of using them you can truly unlock its potential. And more importantly, there is a thin line between using the right frequency of sending newsletters at regular intervals and over-sending your prospect emails just to get them annoyed. Stay clear of the spam folder and choose the right frequency to broadcast your emails. 

Segment your target audience properly

The penultimate way closing a plethora of deals is to understand what your customer wants, do not try and waste your time and money trying to sell things particular individuals are not interested in. remember that one person might be interested to buy a luxurious villa while the other is just looking for a low key budget-friendly apartment.

Apart from the expectations of your customers, you can segment your customers based on their location, purchase behavior, age, current, and past searches. When you mismatch your customers’ expectations you will eventually lose them.

Therefore, it is most important to segment your audience based on their expectations, so that you can send each segment relevant emails rather than disseminating generalized emails to everyone. Like we mentioned before, personalizing is important in this case you must try and personalize the email based on the segments as well.

Regularly update your email list

You are going to soon be out of business if you rely on your old email list, it very crucial to exfoliate dead-end prospects by scrubbing your email list regularly. It is very common practice to keep your email list fresh and updated. Real estate is a very dynamic business the demographics of the business change rapidly based on various factors, so must be your email list. 

Attention-grabbing subject lines

The reason why this is written at the last being the number one rule of a successful email campaign is for you to remember it thoroughly. Come on! Do you really want me to stress enough on this? A prospect decides to open or close your email is completely dependant on how catchy your subject line is, a boring and incompetent subject line will definitely get your email ignored.


Email marketing automation is the future of marketing, with more businesses opting for an active email campaign the competition rises every day setting the bar up high. The above-mentioned practices are compiled based on an extensive survey and analysis, we are optimistic that this piece of information shall be beneficial to your business and its marketing campaign. 

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