A business is majorly impacted by its brand awareness, therefore improving your brand awareness is crucial to scale up your business, a user will subconsciously choose your brand when he/she is aware of it. To build an astonishing brand image and make your prospects aware of your brand email marketing plays a vital role. Time after time email marketing has proven to be a very effective tool to improve your brand awareness.

The positive effects of an active email campaign are plenty, when done right it can help you win your user’s loyalty, in the long run, in addition, it has the potential to boost your ROI, businesses have recorded an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.

Did you know:

  • Around 73% of prominent companies assert email marketing as an excellent marketing channel for increased ROI.
  • An email campaign is 40% more effective at converting than other marketing channels.
  • 7% user’s buying decision is influenced by marketing emails.

In layman’s terms, email marketing is the best opportunity to build strong long-term brand-consumer relationships. In this article, we have listed down the best email marketing practices to build an influential brand image and awareness. You can easily implement these tried and tested methods to foster high revenue-generating customers.

Let’s get started,

Introductory emails pave the way for a stronger customer relationship

What most marketers also like calling it – ‘The welcome email’. The way you first address your customers in your introductory mail directly affects the user’s further sales cycle.

The first impression you set on your user has an ever-lasting effect, so it is important to make sure that you give your best shot at setting a phenomenal first impression. This does not mean that you send a lengthy welcome email, rather prefer short but sweet content that is to the point and conveys your messages without having to read much.

Pro tip: Usage of infographics in your emails will decrease the load on your content because it has the potential to convey your message in the most abbreviated format.

Sending appropriate emails is the key to complete a sales cycle

Understand your customers’ needs, stop sending emails that are irrelevant to them. We would not recommend rolling out generic emails to your whole customer base. Your email should fulfill the purpose of addressing your customers’ problem, if there is one it should have the capability to solve it.

For example, businesses dealing in clothing should customize their emails when the summer season is around, and make them aware that your brand’s shorts, tank tops, and cotton clothing are at sale.

Make sure your emails match your landing page

Among the most important components of an email marketing campaign sales funnel is your landing page, therefore make sure that your email list content is consistent with your landing page.

Imagine how your customer would feel when he/she is compelled to click on the CTA button looking at the offer or sale opportunity mentioned in your email, only to find that your landing pages have none. Maintaining inconsistent content across emails and landing pages will forever bid farewell to your potential prospects.

Personalize emails by segmenting your prospects

An average modern-day consumer is very busy in his/her life’s daily nitty-gritty, penetrating through your prospects bubble, will require more than just an advertising email. This is where dividing your customer base into micro-segments will enable you to run highly effective customer-specific product marketing. Segment your consumers based on their age, gender, purchasing behavior, etc, and send them personalized emails, to bring in a feeling of one-to-one connection with your users. 

Avoid spamming your users with a repeated sales pitch

Strive to deliver solution-focused emails to your prospects, this way you can retain your existing customers and generate new leads. Never have a one-way selfish sort of relationship with your consumers where you are always trying to sell something, lest you want to create your brand’s image as an annoying salesman repeatedly trying to sell its product.

Choose a friendly tone to entice your users

Choosing the right tone of communication will open a lot of doors for your business, try to be unique and consistent throughout your course of communication. Ensure that your tone represents your brand’s values and ethics, this will enable you to inculcate trustworthiness and reliability in your consumer’s perspective.

Wrapping up

You know you have succeeded as a brand when your user turns to you in their hour of need, your brand awareness will enforce this happens constantly over and over again. And we can go on endlessly about how important email marketing is to improve, enhance, promote, and boost your brand awareness.

We hope that these simple yet effective methods provide your brand awareness the necessary boost.

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