7 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Follow In 2024

In a time where information is everywhere, how can a healthcare brand make a lasting impact?  

Keeping up with healthcare marketing trends is one way to stand out. Currently, the healthcare market is thriving and prepared for drastic shifts. 

US healthcare spending touched $4.5 trillion in 2022. Further, the global healthcare market will surpass $21.06 trillion by 2030. Experts estimate it to grow at a CAGR of 8.27% from 2023 to 2030. These numbers show how much scope B2B marketers have to earn profits.

But, the healthcare market is permanently fused with competition. It means marketers must leave the old marketing efforts behind and focus on their customers first. The most apparent trend in healthcare is the urgency to offer a solution.

Digital awareness is bringing the patients into the driver’s seat. So, think of creating strategies to improve their experience and build an authentic presence. For this, learning how to market your healthcare products with care and thought is essential. 

So, let’s start by understanding what marketing means in this industry, why you need it, and the top healthcare marketing trends.

Importance of Healthcare Marketing in 2024

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Despite selling superior-quality products, it is impractical to attract the right audience without marketing. Whether you sell top-notch medical equipment or create a SaaS platform for doctors, you need targeted B2B marketing. Otherwise, you will miss your shot when reaching your ideal buyer.  

Marketing is a must, especially in a world where most buyers search for a product online first. Did you know Google records 70,000 health-related searches per minute daily? 

Precision marketing motivates buyers to select your product or service over a competitor. It also ensures that your brand attracts prospects no matter at what stage they are in their buying journey.  

Surprisingly, 50-90% of the journey is over when a buyer connects with a salesperson. This is where effective healthcare marketing can help you shine. A hyper-targeted prospect database can help reach the right decision-maker at different stages of their buyer journey. 

But now the question is, what strategies will work now, and which will prove successful in healthcare? 

For this, let’s look at the top 7 future healthcare marketing trends to plan suitable campaigns for maximum impact. 

B2B Healthcare Marketing Trends for Winning Campaigns 

If you are a marketer, you already know that healthcare content marketing is still relevant and resonates with the audience. It is a great way to generate leads, so it is essential to create content that resonates.  

Apart from this, here are some key market trends in healthcare to design your marketing strategies. 

Voice Search Holds the Key to the Future Profits 

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Google search engine is evolving, and so is how people use it to ask questions. Voice search is here, making waves across many industries. Healthcare marketing is also witnessing this trend.  

Over 53 million Americans own at least one smart speaker with voice activation. Another study reveals that 1 billion voice searches take place every month. Successful healthcare markets must use this growing trend to their advantage. 

Marketers can plan accordingly to improve their SEO efforts. Further, they can use data to learn about questions people often ask Alexa, Siri, or Cortana.  

Also, note that voice searches include longer queries than text searches. So, utilize the words why, how, where, and when, and include FAQs in the content to answer these queries.  

Creating content that ranks in voice search is similar to what works for text search. Use your experience to develop high-quality, easy-to-read, and concise content for the audience. 

More Healthcare Podcasts 

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About 109.1 million Americans listen to podcasts in 2024. This number is only growing and may reach over 119.4 million by 2026.  

What makes podcasts more popular is the ease of learning about healthcare while on the go. It shows that the podcast trend will continue to influence marketing decisions.  

Podcasts are an effective channel for discussing industry development and starting exciting discussions. It also allows you to inform healthcare decision-makers about the latest industry trends. Further, you can use it as a marketing channel to teach, attract, and engage your audience.  

For this reason, podcasts remain one of the top healthcare marketing trends. You can profit from this inclination by finding topics or themes that align with your business. Research competitors in the same niche and understand what your target audience finds relevant and appealing.  

You can also appear on healthcare-related podcasts to position your brand as a thought leader. As a result, you can improve your credibility and trust. 

AI for Marketing 

4 Major Trends In AI Healthcare Marketing


Most people on the internet know that AI is a hot topic. While AI is not new in healthcare marketing, it will continue to disrupt the market.  

AI is bringing a shift in many aspects of healthcare marketing. For example, AI language models are changing how marketers create SEO strategies for organic results. So, evolving and adjusting content strategies to rank on Google makes sense. 

Immersive techs like AR and VR will also influence healthcare marketing to improve personalized experiences. In addition, the power of AI can make it easier to achieve high-volume awareness. It can help tailor experiences to unique contexts and needs with person-specific personalization. 

However, keyword research is still crucial even when working with ChatGPT as a marketing tool. After all, humans are the brains behind AI that generates content in the first place. So, remember to humanize the content and use AI tools to improve efficiency instead of replacing it. 

Find ways to learn about your customers more deeply and more humanly. Know their needs, interests, pain points, and preferences while using AI for better outcomes.  

Video Content for Better User Engagement

Video Is a Vital Tool for Healthcare


Video healthcare marketing is still relevant as marketers capitalize on it to drive engagement. It is one of the most preferred marketing channels for creating healthcare content strategy. After all, most people use the internet to watch videos. 

Further, videos help break down and simplify the complex concepts around medical devices. It also allows them to learn about them at their own pace and convenience.   

Businesses can create video and animated content highlighting services and educating their audience. They can use social media channels, QR codes, and AR.  

It is also an effective way to introduce products and services and reach out to physicians and healthcare providers. Webinars or video demonstrations are the easiest way to engage and educate the target audience.  

In addition, marketers can use video content for highly targeted advertising via OTT streaming and CTV campaigns.

Reputation Building is Important

Do you know that 93% of users say online reviews influence their buying decisions online? 

This makes brand reputation and social proof vital for healthcare businesses. While social media platforms help connect businesses with medical professionals, they are also helpful in earning and improving social proof. It can prove your brand is high-quality and trustworthy.  

As a result, you can gain the audience’s trust, even in a crowded and competitive space.  

For a strong brand reputation, reviews are the best option. You can contact your existing customers in person or via email marketing campaigns and ask for their feedback. Brands can also run testimonial campaigns on social media platforms, allowing users to share their experiences.   

Use chatbots for better engagement and provide support on social media platforms or your website. With the help of AI, you can solve customer service problems and improve your response times.  

Chatbots are useful for automation and ensure users respond promptly to common queries. You can use the right AI-driven chatbot plugin that best suits your healthcare organization’s needs. 

Focus on Personalized Communications

Personalized user engagement is more critical than ever in today’s healthcare space. Consumers are more aware these days and do not find bulk messages and ads relevant. This is why personalization is one of the most anticipated healthcare marketing trends

It further focuses on the role of AI in healthcare. Predictive analytics here can help market your healthcare products to specific demographics. Marketers can tailor their content campaigns based on a healthcare provider’s patient needs.  

Again, using AI-powered chatbots can help deliver a more personal experience. B2B marketers can utilize it to answer their questions and help them provide exactly what their patients need. 

Today’s leading B2B healthcare companies use AI tools to improve user experiences by handling most first-touch requests. It also helps them increase staff productivity as they can automate time-consuming and repetitive marketing tasks.  

Data-Driven and ABM Marketing

Data Driven and ABM Marketing


Account-based marketing is another popular B2B healthcare marketing trend. Data-driven ABM marketing helps target best-fit businesses and converts them into paying customers. 

ABM marketing focuses on helping the ideal buyer by educating them in the healthcare niche. However, instead of trying to attract these leads from websites or social media, you target accounts and deliver your message to them. 

Account-based marketing uses an insightful database of healthcare professionals. For this to work, marketing and sales teams work closely with one another as they focus on targeted accounts. They use integrated strategies to engage and nurture these accounts in a living pipeline. 

ABM is a growing marketing trend as it is cost-effective and helps enhance efficiency.  

However, it is essential to maintain HIPAA compliance when using targeted accounts. Also, B2B businesses must find and adopt privacy-friendly tools for effective marketing. It will ensure the running of successful engagement campaigns without violating their privacy.  

Marketers can invest in advanced encryption and security measures. They can also take help from blockchain technology for the secure transmission and sharing of information. 

Final Thoughts

The healthcare space holds an essential position that businesses with high standards need among their buyers.  

It makes healthcare marketing different from other marketing settings. After all, health and care are two of the most crucial aspects of life. While healthcare marketing aims to increase outreach, it needs more care and precision when creating strategies.  

This is why businesses must monitor the top healthcare marketing trends to get ROI-positive results. In 2024, these trends revolve around exceptional user experience and convenience.  

While AI continues to disrupt every aspect of healthcare marketing, the human touch is more important than ever. Take the cue from these trends and create marketing plans that improve social proof and brand reputation. Use online reviews, testimonials, and success stories to enhance trust in your healthcare brand.  

Also, ensure that you put your buyer’s digital experience first and make their healthcare journey as simple as possible with digital tools. With this, your B2B healthcare company can make first-time customers happy and grow existing relationships for success. 

Further, analyze the above market trends to acquire more leads, gain more sales, and retain them for a long time.

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