How To Start Nursing agency

When we think of healthcare professionals, we often think of a hospital but some professionals work with an agency because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. A nursing agency offers certified nurses to healthcare institutions, private clinics, and patient homes. Many certified nurses work in an agency set up to explore alternative work opportunities, flexibility, training opportunities, and other benefits it offers.  

The global nursing industry is estimated at USD 1.29 Billion. The growing number of specialized hospitals and personal care clinics will further create many opportunities that will contribute to the growth of this industry.  Aging patients, focused healthcare needs, and the shortage of specialized healthcare workers are also contributing to its growth. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) forecasts that over 13 million nurses are required to bridge the expected gap of nursing shortage in the years to come. 

If you are looking to tap into the growth potential of this billion-dollar industry it is important to consider a few critical aspects before you take a plunge.

How a nursing agency works – Process Overview

The Nursing Agency Process involves a systematic problem-solving approach to ensure specialized patient care.

  • Identifying the need and urgency of patient care
  • Assessing the staff expertise
  • Confirming the service details contract with the staff and the client
  • Share staff details with the client along with the professional summary
  • Provide ongoing nurse training in case of specialized care or staff shortage
  • Constantly review and align staff performance
  • Ensuring additional assistance when needed

Opportunities to Start a Nursing Agency – Global Nursing Market Trends

The opportunities are immense in the global nursing industry. The need, demand, and scope for nursing agencies are immensely high. Let’s look at the top trends that influence the global nursing market currently.

Job Growth Will Continue to Surge

 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected an 8% job growth for registered nurses. The agency has also forecasted an exponential growth of 39% for advanced practice nurses.  These include registered nurses (RNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). If you are looking to hire these exclusive nursing professionals for your nursing agency collaborate with a data vendor who can help you gain exponential results.   

Rise in Home Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for home care nurses and the demand will continue to surge due to the increase in the aging population and specialized healthcare facilities and personalized care. Nurses are the primary patient caregivers in the healthcare ecosystem and the rise in home healthcare facilities would only mean scope for more nursing agencies.

Rise in Home Healthcare

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Nursing Education and Healthcare will be Influenced by Artificial Intelligence 

As per a recent report from the National Science Foundation, AI-augmented learning, predictive modeling, and assistive robotics will improve patient care. AI tools will help generate mock patient interviews as an interactive learning tool that nurses can use as a case study and learn from. AI assessments and grading can also decrease burnout levels in nursing educators. In addition, patient charting, wound care, patient education, and medication administration are set to aid nursing education and patient care in the years to come.  

Nurses will Pursue Specializations

As the demand for nursing services continues, nursing specializations are on the rise. Nurse practitioners, nursing informatics, community health nursing, mental health nursing, emergency and critical care, nursing education, and leadership are some of the few streams that will explode over the next decade. A few other verticals that are in high demand include Nurse case manager, Nurse educator, Nursing manager, Medical-surgical nursing, Oncology Nursing, and Pediatric nursing. 

Nurses Pursue Specialization

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What all of these trends means is that the need and demand for nurses will continue to surge and those who are looking to optimize business opportunities in this domain will witness exponential results in the future ahead. Let’s look at some of the essential steps of how to open a nursing staffing agency.  

How to open a nursing staffing agency – A Step by Step Guide

Opening a nursing staffing agency is no easy feat. It requires precision, persistence, and most essentially a passion to serve the patient community with value-driven services that promote good health and overall well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential steps required to open a nursing agency. 

A nursing agency provides staffing solutions to companies, hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, and patients. The services can range from flexible to full-time nursing services, depending on the requirement.  The nursing agency sources expert professionals’ basis their expertise and the specialized care that is required. Registered nurses, Clinical nurse specialists, Certified registered nurse anesthetists and Certified nursing assistants are some of the most sought-after nursing services in high demand. 

Steps To Start Nursing Staffing Agency

1. Gauge if the Business is Apt for You

 All businesses have pros and cons, understand what these are and gauge if the benefits outweigh the business risks. One of the cons of opening a nursing agency is that it will take time and effort to build one and the competition will be fierce with a lot of other well-established nursing agencies in the market already. It is thereby essential to ascertain how to differentiate your offerings to stand apart from the crowd.  On the contrary opening a nursing agency can be a very rewarding experience considering the impact it has on the patient’s health and overall well-being. Additionally, nursing agencies offer various flexible options for business owners and the staff, alongside being a profit center. 

2. Analyze the Market

Now that you have narrowed down on opening a nursing staffing agency it’s a good idea to hone your business concept further. Even if you are well aware and confident about your product and nursing staffing agency services, it’s a good idea to conduct market research to gain a holistic overview of the competition. These insights will give you the edge to enter a competitive landscape with niche nursing agency services that will stand out of the crowd. 

3. Identify the Opportunity

With a compressive overview of the market focus on gaining insights about what the competitors are offering, what is their pricing module, and the positive and negative customer reviews. Once you have insights on this strive towards bridging the gaps by offering something that the competition doesn’t. This can be your unique value proposition that can in turn accelerate sales and deal closures.  

 4. Narrow down the Products and Services

Honing your business idea is one aspect and narrowing down on the products and services you offer as a nursing staffing agency is another. By identifying the products and services you can easily ascertain if these will help you accomplish your overall business purpose. What will the pricing be, who is your target audience, and how you will reach out to them? The answers to these will help you understand your go-to-market strategies and how to connect with your total addressable market.  

5. Identify your Business Location

Most start-ups would want to run their business from home which is a great idea to cut costs. But if you are looking to expand the reach and scope of your business, it’s a good idea to have a centrally located office that makes customer walk-ins and commutes easy.   

6. Create a Business Plan

Every business needs a plan. A business plan acts like a guidebook that will help you stay aligned with the overall mission and purpose of the brand. It also benefits investors and potential partners to understand what your business is set out to achieve. A comprehensive business plan entails the executive summary, business overview, market analysis, products and services, competitive analysis, market analysis, sales strategies and marketing channels, management team, operations plan, and financial plan. 

How To Write Your Business Plan

7. Register Your Business & Apply for Licenses and Permits

 Registering your business is a critical step. It is a pre-requisite for paying taxes, opening a bank account, and raising capital. Registering your business makes the entire process legal and foolproof. 

There are various government requirements for staffing agencies. Get a LLC (limited liable company) permit to establish a name for your nursing staffing agency. Make sure the name you have chosen doesn’t already exist around your location. The registration process for every state differs so make sure to check this before choosing your location. Once you are through with the registration process you will get a tax identification number to pay the employee withholding and business taxes.  While the entire process seems daunting, it is all quite seamless with various options currently to submit the license applications online. 

8. Obtain client and employee contracts

One of the most efficient ways to get employee and client contracts is to source this via a lawyer who understands the local laws and regulations well.  As a start-up, it is good to use healthcare facilities as your clients to get started and also advertise in local magazines and newspapers for certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Most nursing homes and hospitals opt for CNAs so this is a great way to get started.  

9. Get set to launch

Once you are set and ready to launch take a closer look at some of the things that you can refine further. Take a look at all the platforms and software tools that will help you streamline business processes and operations. These include accounting software, website development, and search engine optimization to name a few. But if you don’t have the expertise to use these software tools, hire an expert who can or opt for consultants who work flexi-hours that can help you cut costs.

10. Develop a full-proof marketing plan

If you are looking to stand out in the competitive health market and aspire to stand out from the crowd you must have a robust and targeted marketing plan to reach customers where they are. Global hospitals, clinics, homecare service centers, nursing care facilities, and elderly care centers are on the constant lookout for specialized nurses. Highlight your USPs to your customers, help them understand how you are truly different, and are here to assist them in accomplishing their goals with top-notch nursing professionals. Here are a few strategies that will help you get started: 

a. Social Media Outreach:

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for your targeted social media ads to reach out to certified nursing specialists and healthcare professionals. Let your ads be clear and focused on highlighting the benefits of working with your nursing agency that includes, competitive pay, ongoing training and development, flexible work shifts, and employee-friendly policies and procedures.  

b. Specialized Training:

 Ongoing training and development are great ways to associate with established healthcare training centers. They can also help you connect with a talented pool of nursing specialists and help set the right image for your nursing agency. When you focus on the continuous professional development of your staff, this can help you boost your brand image and help you expand your business scope. 

c. Create Referral Programs:

 Referral programs for clients and nurses can help you who bring additional business. This works well in a healthcare ecosystem as people truly want others to benefit from the services they have experienced and are open to spreading word-of-mouth recommendations that are highly accepted in the healthcare industry. 

d. Content Marketing:

 Personalize content across all platforms, highlight your USPs, and how you are set out to address some of the most pressing client challenges with your nursing staffing agency. Position yourself as a thought leader, publish white papers, research studies, journals, case studies, and blog posts as an ongoing activity to help prospects see the value you offer as a brand. 

e. Events, Associations & Sponsorships:

Actively participate in local healthcare community events, and programs to imply how committed you are as a brand. Sponsor relevant events when feasible and optimize your brand visibly as a nursing agency.  Collaborate with nursing and healthcare staffing associations, and network with these communities that will help you gain valuable insights, and build networks and partnerships that can maximize your scope as a nurse staffing agency.  

f. Client Testimonials:

 Word of mouth from customers, positive reviews and testimonials have a great impact.  You can be open with clients and encourage them to post their reviews and experiences on relevant sites. Positive and credible customer reviews can have a great impact on your target audience and help you boost your brand credibility. 

g. Data Driven Decisions:

 Data-driven decisions are very crucial for all businesses and more so in the healthcare sector. As a nursing staffing agency, it is important to constantly review healthcare recruiting trends and identify patterns. These patterns will help in aligning your offerings in line with the top trend as an ongoing process.  

h. Go Mobile:

More than 80% of the prospects view your ads on mobile. Create mobile-friendly campaigns that make it seamless for healthcare professionals to view emails and ads that can increase engagement and shrink the sales cycle.   

i. Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

By establishing strong partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities you can position yourself as a reliable nursing staffing partner and foster a mutually rewarding relationship.  

11. Build Your Team

 Hire the right nurses, pay close attention to their previous records, and check if they have all the necessary licenses in place. Run a background check to see if they are clean for all disciplinary measures in their previous records. Building the right team lays a great foundation for your nurse staffing agency. Additionally, you will need to hire for other core profiles. Even if you intend to start small you may need to hire for other core roles like the operations manager, recruitment officers, and sales and marketing experts as you keep expanding your business. 


Nurse staffing agencies are a great way to fill the demand gap for professional nursing services across the world. Whether you intend to start small or start big, it is sure a profitable business venture but what is more fulfilling is the fact that you are adding value to patients, their families, and the community as a whole with your value-driven nursing agency services. Differentiate your nurse staffing agency from the rest of the competition by focusing on offering exceptional customer service, custom, and flexible staffing solutions.

Stay focused on expanding your networks with the right healthcare institutions and organizations, and participate in recruitment drives and healthcare events. Train and mentor your staff as a continuous process, the more you stay focused on adding value to your team and customers, you can see a remarkable change in how your business scales toward greater success. 

Drive decisions backed with data, analyze healthcare staffing trends across the global healthcare market, and align your targeted marketing campaigns accordingly. Conduct market research to identify new markets that can help you thrive and actively take part in industry events that will get your agency the right traction and attention. Develop robust multi-channel campaigns to reach healthcare professionals and nurses across platforms. Optimize your digital outreach to tap on mobile users. Highlight your USPs and positive customer reviews across all your messaging for prospects to see how well-trained your nurses are.  Build strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions, home care service agencies, hospitals, and clinics for a mutual win-win. 

The success of a nurse staffing agency depends on factors such as flexibility, professionalism, customer service, adaptability to new trends, efficient systems and operations, and striving for excellence as a continuous process. 

Now that you understand all the critical aspects of how to start a nursing staffing agency, it’s time that you take the plunge into this competitive healthcare industry. 

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