Email marketing has been with us for 40 years, and even today, it remains marketers’ favorite channel for promoting their products, augmenting brand awareness, and nurturing leads. Throughout the years, email marketing has evolved into what works best today. 

In this article, we will be discussing including videos in your emails, which, by the way, is called Video Email Marketing.

Video email marketing is nothing but using videos in your emails. Videos have always been the most preferred way of consuming content since the day they were invented. After all, why not? Videos are easy to understand and grasp than compared to written content. Including them in your emails will help your campaign increase the engagement and conversion rate.

Using videos in marketing efforts provides you back door access to the imagination of your audience that absorbs content visually. Therefore, 80% of businesses use marketing videos to promote a particular product/service.

See how you can include videos in your emails and manage to keep them subtle.

Without further ado, let us jump right in.  

Captivate Your Subscribers with video as Bonus Content

Your subscribers have decided to share their precious email IDs with you. You must provide them with some helpful content that adds value to your CEO Email List. It would be best to keep your subscribers happy by providing them videos as bonus content.You can choose to send guides in the form of videos, remember to provide valuable and helpful content, and don’t always try to sell things. If you want your subscribers to stay with you forever, then stop trying to sell your product all the time. Come up with a content strategy that educates your prospects through your videos. Videos have the highest engagement rates; unlike reading, they do not require so much effort to read and understand.

Give Your Emails a Personalized Touch

Probably all most all of the articles regarding email marketing present on the internet have at least mentioned it once – “Personalize your Emails.”

Segmenting your list to send videos relevant to the purchase journey of your subscriber is one way to personalize your video email marketing campaign. Another amusing way of using videos present on your website is to send the link to the video who did not wholly watch the video. This way, you can sky-rocket your Click-through rate.   

Exhibit your company culture through videos

The culture and persona of your company impact the purchase decision of your customers. Hence, showing off your holistic and healthy company culture in the videos you send to your email subscribers will help build a trusted relationship with your subscribers, potential customers, as well as existing customers.

Show your customers the ethics your company runs on. It will help them make a purchase decision to your advantage.

Use videos to announce an event

Every company hosts events, both internal and external. It is a good idea to shoot a part of your latest event and send it to your subscribers. This will help you exhibit how your company operates in action and induce interest among your subscribers about your company’s overall events. I know this might seem irrelevant, but trust me, it all adds to your brand’s awareness and creates a good image of your company in your audience’s mind.   

Videos are a great way to announce or launch a product

I have most of the time come across a new product after watching a promotional video or advertisement on the television while growing up. And the brands that adapt videos for promoting their products/services have witnessed higher engagement and conversion rates.

You, too, can attain great engagement and conversion rates by using creative videos to launch or announce a new product. The objective here is to keep your existing customers in the loop right from the pre-launch event. 

Use videos in your Newsletter

If you are rolling out your email newsletter with just written content, then, my friend, you are missing out on potential elements that could drive some fantastic engagement. There are myriad ways to embed a video in your Newsletter such that they are more effective. Video-rich businesses can benefit majorly from embedding video in your email newsletter so that your subscribers stay updated, especially when your customer base prefers watching over reading.

Include the word “Video” in your email subject line

Writing catchy subject lines is super essential if you want to thrive as an email marketer. Because your email recipients decide to open your emails based on the catchiness of your subject lines.

An email subject line immediately becomes more interesting after seeing an emoji in it. Any person would be gravitated towards opening your email. And boom! The purpose of your emails is fulfilled – to increase email engagement and open rates. Using the word “video” in your email subject line will tickle your audience’s curiosity bone, and the email recipient will be interested to know what the video is about.


What’s better than an email marketing campaign for business growth? A video email marketing campaign. Email has proven to be the best way to market your products over the decades. So, let us use those metrics to our advantage by embedding videos in your emails. Make sure to A/B test all your emails, videos, subject lines to determine what your audience prefers when receiving emails. The tips, as mentioned earlier, are tried and tested by marketers from various industries. What has worked for them might not exactly work out for you. Therefore, we suggest you follow these steps and tweak your campaign based on your business goals and strategies.

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