Effective Strategies For Marketing To Attorneys

Businesses  and marketers looking to connect with the legal personnel or legal firms must keep in mind some of the specific challenges and demands that are unique to the Attorneys. They should also tailor marketing messages that resonate with the legal industry. This article will discover some of the important and effective strategies to engage with Attorneys and Law firms while highking the importance of expertise in the legal space for successful marketing.

Here Are Some Effective Marketing Strategies That Help You Get Started

Marketing to law firms and Attorneys can be a daunting task. Especially when their “time is money” .This article will explore the potential marketing strategies with tailored marketing solutions that differentiate you from your competitors and gain you attorneys and law firms as potential clients.

a. Know your target audience

Know Your Target Audience

First things first. Before entering into any market businesses should know who their target audience is. After all, a Bankruptcy law practice has different needs than of a law firm providing civil services. Moreover, the law firm terminology differs from country to country as well as state to state. Additionally not all law firms have the same budget to spend on marketing or see its value

Therefore, defining your target audience makes it easier for you to tailor your marketing message and focus your efforts on attorneys who are most likely to spend on your services. Simplify your marketing plan by segmenting Attorneys specialities in the law firm such as the:

  • Constitutional attorney
  • Business attorney
  • Criminal attorney
  • Employment and labour attorney
  • Divorce attorney
  • Defense attorneys
  • Intellectual property attorney
  • Corporate attorney
  • Personal injury attorney
  • Real estate attorney
  • Tax attorney and more

b. Have clarity of what you’re selling

Have Clarity Of What You're Selling

When you have clarity of your target audience it’s important for you to have clarity on what you are sellingits differentiating factors, benefits, and how it can be helpful for the law firms and attorneys. The point is here to define what you are selling and put it in a way that  your target law firm or attorney is understood. Think about what can get them the result they are looking for. 

c. Get thorough with legal market

However, when you’re aiming to engage with the legal sector and attorneys you must have a thorough understanding of the legal market and its current developments, so that you don’t miss out on the potential opportunities as well as legalities that should be followed while marketing to the legal sector. When you demonstrate that you understand their unique challenges and provide solutions accordingly then they would definitely be interested in your offerings. “Sell them benefits, rather than just service”. 

d. Define your strategy

Define Your Strategy

 Law firms are a busy sector and so are attorneys. Moreover, they only believe you, when you have a solid marketing strategy that meets their demand and requirements. Moreover, marketing to law firms or attorneys means you define your target audience and understand their pain points. Here are some of the proven strategic approaches that can help you get started with your marketing plan. 

1. Leads generation through guides

By providing insightful guides as gated content. For instance- Gated content are whitepapers, eBooks, and guides for which the users need to provide personal information like Name, email address, and phone number to get access to the content. This is one of the organic ways to generate leads.

2. Direct mail

Direct mails help marketing agencies to create personalized marketing messages to target specific audiences and generate potential leads and build brand awareness through email marketing also known as outbound marketing. 

3. Networking

Attorneys and Lawyers like to network for various business opportunities. During such events they usually talk about relationships and referrals as their way of getting new clients. Understanding this can help you build a strong networking strategy and stand out from your competitors. Attend face-to-face events, conferences, webinars to connect with your target audience and  build a robust network that will go a long way. 

4. Case studies/Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials are social proof that gains credibility in the eyes of your customers. Attorneys do their research and want to see how you have helped others in the legal field. So Make sure to write case studies with a professional and factual tone, avoid marketing jargons as they don’t pay much attention to that. 

Determine The Potential Marketing Methods

a. Social media

 Having a strong social media presence can reap you many benefits. Social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are one of the most feasible channels to connect with your target audiences including Attorneys as they mostly use these mediums to interact with their clients and colleagues. Prove your business ability to solve potential challenges in the law sector and support law firms by sharing informative content  such as blogs, and case studies to showcase your expertise in the field that eventually gains the attention of Attorneys and law firms. 

b. Websites and SEO

Websites and SEOs are used to reach potential customers by enhancing visibility and rankings in the search results. SEO aims at optimizing keywords or search phrases that are used by the audiences to search their query which increases organic traffic to the website that will boost  brand recognition and online visibility. 

c. Pay-per-click:

Pay per click can help marketing firms to target their audience by categorizing market,  choose keywords, and target their ads to specific audiences.  PPC ads potentially appear on the top search results and that can boost brand recognition. 

Potential Challenges Marketing to Attorneys

1. Law firm size

Every law firm size differs from another including clients and cases, work-culture, work-life balance, compensation etc. Therefore it’s important to consider the size to understand the firm and make better marketing campaigns.

2. Understanding key decision makers in the law sector

This can be one of the most challenging aspects of marketing to attorneys. The decision makers in the firm considerably differ from firm to firm. The most common business structure any law firm can be its collaboration , that is broken down as follows

  • Partners: In this stage the firm are usually invested in the law firm and enjoy benefits when the company performs well. Some also will hold financial stakes depending on the firm size. However, this level of decision makers are very important while marketing to the law firms or attorneys. 
  • Associates: These are Attorneys or Lawyers who have little to no decision making authority when it comes to purchase. 
  • Paralegals: Paralegals are legal assistance, they help Lawyers during the  trails. They are not completely licensed  attorneys. 
  • Support staff: These are other employees in the firm such as HR, IT team, Administration and marketing departments. All these departments will be present in the larger firms and we don’t usually get to see these departments in the smaller firms.

3. Rigid marketing options 

Law firms or Attorneys usually don’t encourage marketing because of their traditional way of getting clients through referrals. However, if you’re backed with solid visual data and case studies of your business solutions which might trigger the Attorney or law firm to think about your services. As a part of marketing, create a professional dashboard with a marketing demo of your business offerings and highlight the area that is capable of delivering promising results. 

Legalities of Marketing to Law Firms

a. Better marketing language

While marketing to legal firms and attorneys you must understand that you are not marketing to any business or brand that can include light words or fun language. Law is a serious business therefore you need to keep choosing your words wisely meaning you don’t use any words that are misleading, false  or offensive in nature. 

b. Be honest

Another important factor to be kept in mind while marketing to a law firm is that being deceptive. Obviously lying is an offensive act, and is also not entertained in any business. Therefore make sure whatever information or solutions you are providing is genuine and accurate.

c. Don’t pay for testimonials:

It’s a big No to paying for your testimonials or feedback. This not only hampers the marketing campaign but also ruins the brand’s reputation. So ensure all the testimonials, case studies, and feedback are non-paid and straight from the customer experiences.  

d. Know the ad limitation:

Understand what can be put in the advertisement and what has to be limited. As legal firms and attorneys will have some confidential aspects which they would not encourage to be out there. Moreover, before preparing an ad make sure you have followed all the necessary steps and limitations of the legal marketing.

How to Connect With Law firms and Attorneys? 


There are multiple conferences and webinars happening that are hosted by the Lawyers and law experts with decades of experiences in the law field.  These events are highly useful for markets if you want to know what Lawyers and law firms require and what they are looking forward to in the law industry. Therefore you can make potential contacts from such events that you can use later for marketing. 

Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way to connect with the law firms or Attorneys. You can showcase your business offering and gain recommendations and contacts from top level lawyers.

Networking events

Another great way to interact with lawyers are PR or Networking events that are specially made hosted to build potential networks. This will not only help connect with your target audience but also create opportunities to build solid customer base and drive leads. 

Purchase data

Purchasing Attorneys email list from a data provider can help you connect with the Attorneys and key decision makers in the legal industry. Using this database you can tailor your marketing message and  target your prospect as per your business requirement. This method is easier and time saving as compared to the above mentions steps. 


Besides, understanding your target audience, it is also important to know how to offer the best services. Whether you are a seasonal marketer or just starting, leverage the strategies and steps mentioned in the article to connect with attorneys and law firms to boost your marketing outreach and expand your business. 


What type of attorney is in most demand?

Intellectual property law is the most in demand attorney or lawyer speciality.

What social media do lawyers use most?

LinkedIn is the most widely used social platform used  by attorneys in the US and around the world. 

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