Top Skincare Trends of 2023

The bizarre buzz around the “perfect” skincare routine has been going around forever in the beauty industry. But 2023 so far has been about people taking a step back from the facade of it all and developing an interest in realistic and sustainable skincare regimes. In light of the same, let us take a quick scan through the top skincare trends of 2023 as sighted by dermatologists

1) Less is more

Though the trend of less is more has been going on since 2021 it has never lost its vigor over the 2 years, rather the millennials and Gen Z are rooting strongly for this principle now more than ever.

Even skincare specialists are of the same opinion. Instead of bombarding your skin with multiple products using the ones that are most effective for your particular need is what makes all the difference.

Knowing what your skin wants and needs, is of utmost importance when it comes to skincare. Up until very recently actives like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, AHA, BHA, etc, were not so familiar to laymen. But it’s not the same anymore.

Today people understand the relevance of the root cause of a particular skincare condition and address it. And according to dermatologists and cosmetologists adding “Actives” to a skincare regime is the most trending skin habit that our generation is exploring on their own.

2) Healthy Mind Healthy Skin

Often not recognized aspect of skin care is mental health. Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia… all of it gets reflected on the largest organ of our body- the Skin! Yet according to psychologists and psychiatrists, mental health is the least discussed and studied aspect of skincare.

For instance, extreme levels of stress can trigger conditions like eczema, acne, etc. Recent times have witnessed a steady change in this narrative and people are realizing only a healthy mind can bring that eternal glow to your skin.

Psychodermalogy is an evolving branch of science that combines both the field of dermatology and psychology. According to this, practices like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises can bring about tremendous changes in mental health which will leave a positive impact on your skin.

3) Revive your skin with Cosmetic Therapy

A very recent development in the skin care field is the increasing demand for cosmetic therapies. Traditional skincare treatment has taken a transforming turn with the explorative therapy techniques employed for skin health and nourishment. Some of the trending therapies include exosome therapy, acne blue light therapy, laser skin resurfacing, cryotherapy, etc.
Ice it up! Yes, you heard it right. In cryotherapy, your skin is exposed to cold temperatures for a short while to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, etc. the biggest pros of this treatment are that it also boosts the production of collagen.
Exosome‘s healing and regenerating potential is utilized by cosmetologists for anti-aging, healing wound scars, atopic dermatitis, and more.

4) Make it all about you

Personalizing your skincare regime is the go-to of the season. It doesn’t take much for one to opt out of over-the-counter skin care products and choose more effective investments with the help of clinically qualified specialists like dermats. According to dermats developing a thoroughly researched skincare plan with ample consideration of your lifestyle and skincare goals are of great importance. And with the help of Dermatologist , you can ace it under your budget. No one size fits all, so it’s high time to look at the bigger picture and not fall for the mass-produced products and concentrate on your customized skincare practice.

Hear your skin! Care your skin! Own your skin!

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