Targetnxt Helps Lawyer Firm Sales Growth In Record Time

Client – Leading Law Firm
Location – Texas
Industry – Legal Service

About the Client

A leading Texas-based lawyer firm assisting communities with a wide gamut of offerings including legal advice, community partnerships, impact investing, funding, and social finance. The client is actively involved in social causes like improving environmental sustainability and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all.


Data management – The client procured data every other quarter depending on the urgent sales goals to be met. They had amassed piles of data in their repository that was outdated and irrelevant. Due to lack of data segmentation, their marketing outreach was ineffective and even the most personalized campaigns failed to create a mark.

Lead Quality – The leads they received were of very poor quality, and not of any relevance. This was due to the lack of data cleansing and data segmentation. The campaigns were not personalized, and more than half of the campaigns bounced back. 

Customer Acquisition – While the client was keen on connecting with high-net-worth prospects , they barely had data that could help them get connected to entrepreneurs, c-suites, and decision-makers from Fortune 500 brands.


Data Appending – To begin with we cleansed their data repository which had a lot of data anomalies. We matched this against our master repository to fill in the missing elements and intent insights to ensure the data was relevant and complete. Once the data appending was done, we segmented their files as per the profiles, nature of the business, and industries to help create personalized multi-channel campaigns.

Lead Scoring – We introduced lead scoring through our CRM platform that helped in objectively assessing each of the sales leads against the other. This helped to gauge which of the leads were worth pursuing to ensure the right follow-up techniques. Lead scoring also assisted in understanding the prospects’ stance in the sales pipeline to align the prospecting strategies accordingly.

High Net Worth Prospect Data – The client was also keen on creating custom campaigns for high net-worth prospects focused mainly on entrepreneurs, c-suites, and decision-makers to pitch one of their exclusive legal service suites that had influenced a series of impact investing from their former clients, which had greatly benefited nature and societies we all thrive in.


  • Overall Campaign engagement increased by 39%
  • The CTR increased to 21%
  • The CTOR increased to 19%
  • The lead quality of the LinkedIn outreach campaign was remarkable
  • 4 High-net-worth prospects are keen on the impact investing suite that is slated to have a profound impact on improving environmental sustainability


“We were referred to TargetNXT by one of our client partners. What began as a partnership just to help us cleanse our humongous data repository has now been extending as a great data and marketing services partnership. We are charting out some unique campaigns with their experts and the plan is to continue this as an ongoing process to ensure we reach our total addressable market. Geared and excited for what the future unfolds.”

Emelda Thomas.
Chief Marketing Officer

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