Luxury Yacht Company Sales Case Study

Client – Luxury Yachts
Location – Miami
Industry – Travel & Leisure

About the Client

The client has a diverse fleet of luxury charter vessels built for indulgent holidays far away from the day-to-day hustles of a stressful city life. The focus is on offering customers personalized experiences ensuring every single detail is addressed and all requirements are met that define a perfect yacht holiday.  Their range of yachts suits various needs and budgets to ensure yacht holidays are affordable for a diverse range of group events and private parties.


  • Their data was generic and outdated
  • It lacked prospect insights that could help them personalize campaigns
  • Campaign engagement and leads were negligible
  • They were losing business to competitors
  • They did not have data of High-Net-Worth Individuals across USA that could help them market and increase ROI with their new line of luxury fleets


  • We created a custom list of High-Net-Worth Individuals across USA to assist with their personalized multichannel campaigns
  • We cleansed and enriched their entire data repository
  • The outdated data was eliminated and the relevant data was segmented into various clusters including:
    • Geo-location
    • Occupation
    • Income
    • Behavioral intent based on past travel history and a lot more


  • The campaign engagement increased to 22%
  • The CTR was 16%
  • The CTOR was 11%
  • The lead quality was nothing like what they had experienced before
  • 2 out of the 5 leads were highly interested in their luxury fleets 
  • The social media campaigns garnered the right traction from high-propensity prospects 


“We were losing out to the competition big time and looking to reconsider our pricing but this meant taking a hit on any form of profits. This was when we explored TargetNXT which was referred to us by our vendors. Their custom list of high-net-worth prospects has helped us connect with the right audience. We are excited about this engagement and are looking forward to a lot more custom campaigns with TargetNXT.”

Luke Davis,
Chief Marketing Officer

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