Medical Device Company Sales

Client – Leading Medical Device Company
Location – Florida
Industry – Healthcare

About the Client

A leading global medical device company transforming healthcare solutions with advanced technology, services, and solutions for patients and healthcare providers. The mission is to address some of the most pressing global health issues by closely working with customers and healthcare providers while minimizing costs and increasing efficiencies.


Outdated Data Repository – their contact data repository was outdated. The campaigns scheduled with the inaccurate data barely got them any leads or engagement. They had begun to rely on hard-core outbound sales initiatives that were in turn hampering their brand image. The client was keen on sharing insight-based newsletter campaigns to help prospects understand the scope of their offering. 

No Deal Closures – The deal closures suffered. The focus was to increase sales of their newly launched vascular surgery graft but there was barely any traction for their campaign efforts for more than 2 quarters to the extent that were on the brink of shutting production of the grafts entirely.  

Unable to Retain Old Customers – They scheduled multiple campaigns for old customers introducing the key benefits of the one-of-a-kind vascular draft and how it impacts post-surgical recovery. Except for a few inquiries they did not receive any engagement or leads.


Data Appending – We conducted a comprehensive 3-step data appending process to arrest data anomalies. We appended their data repository with the most current and updated information and all the erroneous data was deleted.

Data Segmentation – As the client’s focus was to share the new product insights with various specialty heads and gauge their interest, we conducted exhaustive market research to understand precisely which healthcare profiles will benefit most through this offering. Once the prospect profiles were identified we segmented them into healthcare role-based lists to create phased campaigns. 

Social Profile Appending – We conducted an exhaustive social media profiling on the segmented profiles focused on Twitter, and LinkedIn. The plan was to include personalized In-mail messages as part of the outbound sales outreach campaigns to increase leads and engagement.


  • With the very first campaign, the overall engagement increased by 28%
  • The CTR was 19%
  • The CTOR was 9%
  • The segmented campaigns helped boost high-propensity leads by 14%
  • LinkedIn outreach helped increase engagement by 9%
  • 2 of the 12 leads are way ahead in the sales cycle considering bulk orders for their new facility in Philadelphia
  • The client is keen on continuing the role-based campaigns for the next 3 quarters


“We are very amazed at how this intervention with TargetNXT has worked for us. While the idea was to cleanse the outdated data and roll out campaigns with the updated list, we’ve done so much more. To receive orders through our very first engagement was not something we were expecting truly. The plan is to continue multi-channel campaigns for the next 3 quarters. Highly recommend their data management services”

Mac Dawson
Customer Success Officer 

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