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A biotechnology industry email list is an ideal marketing tool to reach the key decision-makers in the biotechnology industry. With the help of this, you can connect with potential prospects like researchers, scientists, microbiologists, and more to promote your product or service.

We provide 100% reliable and verified data that complies with all the data protection policies such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR. We ensure that all the data provided is legitimate and meets your marketing goals across the world.

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    Biotechnology Industry Lists

    Join us and let TargetNXT's Biotechnlogy Industry Email Database help you reach your targets.

    TargetNXT can help you find qualified biotechnology workers if you are a marketer looking to sell your products and services in this industry. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch, accurate and verified data solutions, and our biotechnology database will undoubtedly spark your company’s focus. Our Biotechnology Industry Mailing Database contains all the necessary B2B contact information for potential clients from various geographical areas that will help you seamlessly navigate through the business hustle and bustle and race.

    Our Biotechnology Industry Database Includes:

    Target the top decision makers of the Biotechnology Industry

    Break into our database to pitch your products with the help of our accurate data.

    Our Biotechnology Email List Includes The Below Job Titles:

    Clinical Technician

    Chemical Operator

    Biomedical Equipment technician


    DNA analyst

    Business Development Manager

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


    Biomedical Engineer

    Process Engineer

    Product Manager

    Bioprocess Engineer

    Environmental health and safety officer

    Pharmaceutical consultant


    List Of Biotechnology Companies:

    Company name Revenue Employee size CEO Name Country

    Novo Nordisk

    $232.3 billion


    Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen


    Moderna Ina

    $4 billion


    Stéphane Bancel



    $3.36 billion


    Uğur Şahin

    Cambridge, MA

    Regeneron Pharmaceutical

    $50 million


    Leonard S. Schleifer

    Tarrytown, New York.


    $1.04 billion


    Jacob Thaysen

    San Diego, California


    $1.04 billion


    Reshma Kewalramani



    $30 million


    Bob Ragusa



    $33.8 billion


    Robert A. Bradway

    Thousand Oaks, California

    Incyte Corp

    $3.696 billion


    Hervé Hoppenot


    VIR biotech inc

    $2.6 million


    George A. Scangos

    San Francisco

    Which Businesses Can Make Use Of Our Biotechnology Email List?

    The medicine market plays a vital role in this matrix and our biotechnology industry email list will help you to reach the specialists in the biotechnology industry. It will also help you to widen the perspective of partnership whenever required looking into research possibilities and launching new drugs.

    Our biotechnology mailing list helps health organization to interact with the professionals in biotechnology sector in order to get updated about the health sector, new medical discoveries and the latest breakthroughs.

    The biotechnology email list can be used to reach out to researchers, scientists, specialists, and partners for possible collaboration, opportunities for funding as well as sharing of knowledge.

    Marketing agencies make use of the biotechnology industry mailing list in their marketing campaigns to target and communicate with their target biotechnology professionals so that they can market products, launch industry events, and generate leads.

    Underlining the biotechnology email database as a tool utilized by the Department of Agriculture and FDA partners in developing policies, regulatory updates, and compliance issues for direct discussion with legislators, regulatory authorities, and industry stakeholders.

    The credible data sources we rely on

    Our team of skilled data researchers gathers all the necessary B2B records from reliable and reputable sources around the world. We regularly run quality checks to ensure the list is error-free.

    Why To Choose TargetNXT?

    TargetNxt is the premier choice for all your data needs. Our data is more advanced in accuracy, breadth, and depth. With our carefully curated biotechnology email database and complete information on millions of biotechnology contacts, we ensure that you have access to the most updated and reliable data. We always understand your needs and provide personalized data which is result-driven and helps your business to reach heights in the market. Trust TargetNxt to provide you with the highest quality data for all your marketing and lead generation needs, choose TargetNxt and experience the difference in data quality today.


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    In the competitive business environment of today, we comprehend the demands placed on B2B marketers. Hence, we provide you with an enhanced, pre-verified, and qualified list of biotechnology firms that can aid in your global expansion. Whether it’s via direct dialing, emails, phone calls, or social media campaigns, we assist you in locating and reaching out to the targeted prospects. In addition, we guarantee to reduce the burden produced throughout your sales cycle by offering your company high-quality leads that are prepared for sale.
    Biotechnology Industry Database

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    TargetNXT offers you a top-notch Biotechnology Industry Email Addresses that gives you quick and easy access to the important decision-makers, allowing you to expand your network.

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    Our databases ensure deliverability of 90-95% in all fields.

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    Biotechnology Industry Email List

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The term “biotechnology” refers to a field of engineering that uses biological systems, living creatures, or components thereof to design or produce various goods.

    With our Biotechnology Industry Email Directory you can run multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, direct mail, social media, and phone calls.

    We provide data replacements if the hard bounces exceed the assured promised guarantee rate.

    Yes, you absolutely can. Because We collect data for our Biotechnology Industry Mailing Address from credible sources and process it using manual as well as automated methods. Furthermore, we routinely clean and update our databases to keep them fresh and active.

    There are 23,294 biotech companies globally and 3,740 biotech companies in the US.

    The biggest biotech company in the US is Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

    The biotech companies are there in the US listed below:

    • Amgen  
    • Novo Nordisk 
    • Pfizer 
    • Regeneron  
    • Moderna  
    • BioNTech       






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