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Email lists are essential for businesses as they allow direct communication with their target audiences. Businesses can utilize a small business email list and send out personalized marketing messages with product features and benefits to the target prospect to gain more customers and expand your business.

There are over 400 million small businesses across the globe. SBA (Small Business Administration) stated that 33,185,550 small businesses are there in the USA and are defined as independent businesses with 500 employees. Additionally 99.% of US companies are small businesses which employ 46.4% of U.S. workers. Thus contributing widely to the  U.S. economy. As a result it creates ample opportunities for business and marketers to introduce their product and services that caters to small business needs. 

With widely growing Small businesses and startups, connecting with entrepreneurs and small business owners becomes challenging. Therefore to simplify your marketing efforts we at TargetNXt have compiled an extensive database of Small business owners list that will help you craft effective marketing campaigns and connect with your target prospects around the world like the USA, UK, Europe, APEC and more.  

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    Small Business Owners Database

    Stay ahead of the competition with our Small Business Owners Mailing List

    At TargetNXT, we provide you with a segmented, spotless, and fresh Email list of Small Business Owners with a high response rate; however, we also provide extensive customization, so you may manually select the information to suit your tastes. We maintain our database following the CCPA, GDPR, ANTI-SPAM, and CAN-SPAM data regulations because we adhere to the code of conduct. Most businesses adore us because we build relationships with our customers and provide the greatest service for the money; for example, our email list is highly effective yet still completely reasonable.

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    What Is a Small Business Owner's Email List?

    An email list of small business owners is a crucial marketing tool that consists of extensive contact information of small business owners and key decision makers. This includes information such as Full name, Email address, Phone number, Company name, Location, Social media and more. Utilizing this list businesses and marketers can target audiences and build effective marketing campaigns that resonate with their target customers. 

    Run multi-channel marketing using small business owners email list which includes Email, Social media, SMS, Print, Mobile, Telemarketing, and more. Our email is built using reliable sources that help you create marketing campaigns that not only increase customers but also help you expand your business into new markets around the world.

    What Type Of Small Businesses Can You Target?

    TargetNXT’s Small business email list provides you full circle b2b data solutions across various businesses and industries with multiple data fields to choose from to target the ideal customers for your business. You can target small businesses around the world to market your business offerings.

    Here is a list of small businesses you can target 

    • Business services
    • Partnership
    • Consultants
    • Nonprofit organization
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Corporation
    • Ecommerce 
    • Personal Assistant services
    • Food and beverage business
    • Dog grooming centers 

    Some of the other Small businesses or startups are mentioned below 

    • Clinics
    • Marketing agencies
    • Consulting firms
    • Staffing and recruitment agencies
    • CRM and ERP service providers
    • Software solution companies
    • Hardware and software services 

    Features Of Small Business Owners Email List

    • Segmentation: Segmentation helps you target specific audiences based on different criterias such as Full name, company name, designation, email address, and more.
    • Personalization: Creating personalized marketing campaigns to target audience builds trust and loyalty among the customers. For instance- recommending a product or solution based on customers requirement increases sales by 20%.
    • Integration: Small business owners email list can be incorporated in the existing CRM to streamline processes.
    • Compliance: Small business owners’ email list comply with GDPR and CAN-SPAM to ensure data legitimacy and authenticity. 

    Legitimate Data sources we rely on

    We collect business owners list from multiple reliable data sources to create diverse datasets that produce more potent insights to make informed decisions for your business. Here are the list of sources we gather data from:


    Drive business using TargetNXT's Small Business Owners Email List

    Which Businesses Can Use a Small Business Owners Email List?

    Businesses that build, repair, and maintain hardware and software. The services include Software and hardware maintenance, technical troubleshooting, infrastructure management and can approach decision makers and professionals using a small business owner list.

     Businesses which offer Employee training and development can pitch their services that can help employees enhance their skills and overall productivity in the company. 

    Businesses who supply office requirements such as Stationary, furniture, Sign boards etc can utilize small business owners list to connect with business owners and decision makers to promote their products and services. 

    Banks and insurance companies providing financial services and insurance policies can approach small business owners to market their service and build long term partnerships.

    Event organizers can promote their business offerings such as corporate events, award ceremonies, conferences, webinars etc., to small businesses using small business owners email list.

    How to Approach Small Business Owners?

    • Research- Before approaching small businesses research and understand their unique business challenges and craft marketing requirements that provide solutions to their problems.   
    • Be helpful: Provide them with useful and relevant solutions that will help them overcome their business challenges. 
    • Be respectful: Respect their time and requirements and convince them that you can help them solve their business problems and strengthen their market position.
    • Be flexible: Be open for changes and let them know you are flexible to work according to their business needs. 
    • Be patient: Not every business agrees or resonates with your sales pitch. Keep your calm and put across your business offerings in a way that they are compelled to make purchase decisions. 
    • Build relationship: Personalize your marketing message that resonates with their business needs to build a loyal customer base. 
    • Collaborate: Collaborate throughout  their business process to earn their trust and strengthen partnership. 

    Get our verified and current email database for better lead generation.

    With the most up-to-date Small Business Owners Email List currently on the market, you can now create more leads than ever. Reaching out to new customers and nurturing leads have never been simpler. Our email database is widely distributed and contains detailed profiles of owners, CEOs, VPs, and presidents from numerous small- and medium-sized businesses located all across the US. Get in touch with these people who have a big impact on our society to grow your business. Distribute a clever marketing message to increase leads, brand exposure, and customer loyalty.

    Small Business Owners Lists

    Our extensive email database to streamline your marketing efforts

    Our Small Business Owners Mailing Database is created and managed in a way that maximizes precision and extracts high results. We ensure that we don’t fall short in terms of quality as well as quantity because we have a demonstrated track record of providing businesses with a highly accurate and responsive Email list.



    We segment and target our email lists to particular demographic groups.



    Using the data, tailored interactions with each customer can be carried out.

    Increased Sales

    Measurable results

    Email marketing provides detailed metrics like open and click-through rates.



    Compared to other marketing strategies Email marketing is quite cheap.

    Click Rate


    By regularly emailing recipients, you can increase audience engagement.

    Utilize our updated email database to engage potential clients in meaningful ways.

    Small Business Owners Email List

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our email list for small businesses uses information that has been compiled from several reliable sources. Yellow pages, conferences, trade shows, directories for business-to-business transactions, etc. are all included.

    You can perform multi-channel marketing campaigns using email, direct mail, social media, and phone calls with our Small Business Owners Email List.

    Yes, as authorized by the Federal Trade Commission, our Small Business Owners Mailing List complies with the GDPR, CCPA, ANTI-SPAM, and CAN-SPAM regulations (FTC).

    Finding contact information of business owners manually and compiling it for marketing purposes can be a daunting task. However, you can approach private data providers like TargetNXT. They provide a comprehensive database of business owners around the world with various data fields using which you can customize the list to target audience.

    Small business owners are a group of people or communities who run a business with 0- 10 employees.

    There are 33.3 million small business owners in the USA. 

    Contact data providers like TargetNXT to gain direct access to the small business owners and key decision makers to promote your business services.

    Partnership, Sole proprietorship, Non-profit, Cooperatives, Limited partnership are some of the types of small business services.

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