Salesforce CRM Users Email List

Salesforce CRM Users Email List

Salesforce CRM Users Email List

Are you searching for a credible database to promote your offerings for Salesforce users? The updated and reliable Salesforce users email list enables marketers to expand their network. Tailor-build your marketing database with error-free contacts and polish your marketing campaigns for success!  

Expand Brand Visibility with Salesforce CRM Users List

TargetNXT’s Salesforce CRM users list is an extensive database of companies that use Salesforce CRM. With this database, you can access the necessary information about clients, like email addresses, company names, and phone numbers, to create personalized messages for marketing campaigns.   

B2B companies can drop the possibility of reaching wrong and uninterested prospects. A list of companies using Salesforce from TargetNXT can help reach far-fetched markets and boost your lead-generation efforts.    

Trust TargetNXT with updated and accurate data to reach responsive leads collected from 100% opt-in channels. Surpass the spam folders of interested target audiences with highly-compliant data to establish your brand position.  

Total Contacts Available

1,045,356+ Contacts

No of Companies Using SAP

159,478+ Companies


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    How Many Companies Are Using Salesforce?

    Worldwide corporations and businesses of all sizes and shapes use Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses make data-driven decisions. It enables companies to refine sales and marketing strategies and improve operational efficiency. 

    It has over 150,000 customers who use the application for its secure, scalable cloud platform. The application also helps brands with customer satisfaction, retention, sharing customer insights, and more.  

    As brands boost their business performance using Salesforce, imagine what opportunities exist for B2B organizations to use their information to build connections. This is where a highly verified and accurate Salesforce customers list is strategically critical for business growth. TargetNXT can help you with it.  

    Number of Companies Using Salesforce

    Which companies are using Salesforce CRM?

    Here are the list of companies using Salesforce CRM:

    The New York Post $2.3B United States 5,800
    US Bank $24.2B United States 77,000
    Amazon Web Services $80.1B United States 40,000
    Macy’s $25.7B United States 88,857
    NBC Universal $22B United States 66,094
    Delta Air Lines $55.7B United States 95,000
    Cobalt Truck Equipment $16.4M United States 7,400
    The Hershey Company $10.4B United States 21,000
    American Express $52.9B United States 77,300
    L’Oréal Americas $37.4B France 88,000

    How to Find Companies That Use Salesforce for Marketing?

    The ultimate answer to how to find companies that use Salesforce is TargetNXT. 

    We can help B2B companies with an extensive prospect pool of a superior-quality Salesforce user email list. As a result, you can rest assured that you will effortlessly reach your most preferred target audience.  

    With our Salesforce platform users list, you can directly engage and collaborate with high-profile decision-makers to impact your business success positively. 

    Shorten Sales Cycles with Our Segmented Salesforce Users Email List

    Data segmentations help B2B marketers separate one contact from another for diverse campaigns. With swell-segmented databases, marketers can create personalized content that resonates with the target audience, creating the right impact. 

    TargetNXT collates Salesforce users email list into segments based on Salesforce products. As a result, we help businesses filter their audience and create relevant groups for customized campaigns.

    Here is the list of Salesforce products that we cover for data segmentation: 

    Salesforce CRM Users Database

    Available products in Salesforce CRM Users Mailing List

    Strengthen Customer Relationships with a Customizable List of Salesforce Customers

    TargetNXT helps you to reach the right audience with our Salesforce customers list. We have comprehensive data on top-notch decision-makers. If you plan to pitch your products or services to professionals through multichannel campaigns, our customizable data is your answer. 

    Our expert team includes different segments based on demographic information. It allows B2B businesses to create customer groups based on several characteristics. As a result, they can use our Salesforce CRM users email list to personalize their brand message for each channel, target group, and their preferences.  

    Send email offers, publications, or mail newsletters directly using our verified and versatile database. Salesforce customers list including email addresses, company names, locations, website addresses, phone numbers, etc. 

    Our Salesforce CRM Users Email List Includes:

    Have the most accurate and reliable Salesforce Database at your fingertips.

    Who Can Use Our Salesforce Customers Mailing List?

    TargetNXT’s Salesforce CRM users mailing list is a great resource for marketers and decision-makers on technical and non-technical niches. Whether you are an IT service provider, consultant, or a sales professional, you can customize the Salesforce customers mailing list to fit your business goals. 

    Key C-level executives can use our Salesforce CRM users mailing list to promote their brand and services for consulting and upgrades. 

    Industries that can use our database to increase revenue opportunities include – 

    • SaaS Service Providers 
    • IT Marketers 
    • Recruiting Firms 
    • Salesforce Consulting Agencies 
    • Event Organizers and Brands 
    • Insurance Companies 
    • Research and Development Firms 
    • And More 

    How to Use Salesforce Users Email List to Boost Customer Acquisition and Retention

    TargetNXT’s Salesforce users email list is useful for marketers to target the exact audience in a specific niche. You can particularly market your products and services to decision-makers who need them. 

    You can use different channels, messages, offers, or discounts, such as email, social media, etc., to make your message attractive. You can also use personalized marketing with a Salesforce users list to create value for your customers and differentiate your brand from competitors. 

    Further, marketers can use the segregated Salesforce customers list to help make their jobs easier. With such verified and accurate details, they can worry less about researching and focus more on creating impactful pitches.   

    Collating Salesforce CRM Users Email List for Winning Marketing Campaigns

    At TargetNXT, we prioritize delivering a credible and compliant list of companies that use Salesforce to our clients. Surviving without premium-quality data and a lack of privacy compliance is impossible.  

    For this reason, we stay updated with GDPR and CCPA laws, giving the required thought to a responsible approach to data management. Here is the list of credible sources we use to collate the database: 

    Other Technology Users Lists

    Join us and Unleash your marketing potential

    Our Salesforce Users Email List provides targeted clients with limitless and continuous business communications to increase your sales conversions. Our client-focused mailing list is genuine and specifically designed to keep your services in the spotlight in the modern marketplace. With the help of the data we have on Salesforce users, we make sure that your marketing campaigns meet your goals for lead generation and conversion.

    Salesforce CRM Users Lists

    Network with Global Clients with a Database of Companies Using Salesforce

    TargetNXT brings reliable data of companies using Salesforce with geo-locations to capture global markets.  We offer a geo-segmented database grouped into regions like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and more.  

    With the help of location-specific insights, you consider the cultural and geographical differences and create relevant messages. No more ‘Spray and Pray’ content that can limit your outreach. Our accurate data lets you network with global audiences and make meaningful connections for future deals. 

    Increase ROI With TargetNXT’s Salesforce Users Email List

    TargetNXT’s offerings are not just about data. We deliver results with our Salesforce users email list. Our expert team offers the right insights to businesses aiming for error-free precision and relevance in their marketing campaigns.  

    With a reliable list of Salesforce users, you can understand the audience’s needs and improve your offerings. It ensures you offer solutions that your target audience wants and searches for. As a result, marketers can create highly targeted campaigns with tailored and personalized client messages. 

    Here is what sets TargetNXT apart from others:  

    Verified – Our Salesforce customers list upholds the highest standard as we verify each record for accuracy. It can open a world of possibilities for marketers by reaching sales-ready prospects. 

    Updated – The TargetNXT team conducts routine checks to update our database every 40 days. As a result, we eliminate outdated information to make your message reach inboxes as intended. 

    Relevant – Data relevance is the top factor that can make or break your campaign’s success. With fresh data, you can craft highly personalized and targeted multi-channel campaigns that convert prospects into paying clients. 

    Consent-Based – TargetNXT also ensures using legal channels to protect your brand’s reputation and increase customer loyalty. Our Salesforce clients list adheres to all necessary compliance and privacy laws.   

    Reaching potential customers at the right time with suitable offerings helps increase your sales and revenue. Transform your campaigns into success stories with TargetNXT’s Salesforce customer email list. 

    Grow with our Salesforce CRM Customers Database and stay ahead of your competitors

    Our user marketing database is set up so that you are prepared to meet demand when it arises. To accomplish what others are having trouble with, try to expand your Salesforce CRM Users Customers List.


    Quality data

    Our team's unmatched data and service quality will help your business expand more quickly than ever.



    To give you the upper hand in the dynamic world of marketing, we provide accurate and updated data.

    CRM friendly files


    Make your marketing campaigns as specific as possible to ensure maximum effectiveness.

    contact duplication

    Right approach

    The appropriate way to deal with the decision- makers who control purchasing decisions.

    Opt-in contacts

    Opt-in data

    100% of data entries are consent based so that your products and services will reach the right audience.

    Transform your Business Operation by reaching Salesforce CRM Users Mailing Address.

    Leading Industries of Companies that Use Salesforce

    TargetNXT understands the value of learning who your customers are and where their interests lie. It gives insights into their preferences and allows B2B organizations to design the best communication and find ways to connect with them.  

    One way to do that is to understand what industries use Salesforce the most.  

    Statistics show that companies that use Salesforce are from professional services (29%), which includes lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, accountants, etc.  

    Other top industries are manufacturing, with an 11.1% share, and financial and banking services, with 9.8%. Salesforce is also popular in the retail sector, with 7.8%.  

    Consumer-packaged goods account for 5.4%, and media 4.4% of companies that rely on Salesforce to maintain customer relationships. 

    Salesforce Users Email List

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    Access our database of Salesforce CRM Customers Lists to explore marketing opportunities with just one click.

    Delivering Secure Salesforce Customers Email List

    TargetNXT commits to delivering an updated and secure Salesforce customers email list to suit your business requirements. For this, we use a multi-step update process. We also use secure sources and tools to deliver the requested lists. 

    First, our data experts will send you a protected link for the database. Use this link to download the files in the CSV or XLS file formats. You can specify the preferred file formats other than these to get the delivery.  

    Why let outdated data stop you from achieving your business goals? Contact TargetNXT today at in[email protected] or +1(800) 20224-8308, and get ready to surge your sales!  

    Our Clients:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are over 150,000 Salesforce customers in a community of more than 20 million people across the Salesforce ecosystem.  

    Numerous businesses, including Mitel, Ulster Bank, EUROSTAR, Fresh Realm, LLC, and BOGGI MILANO, are included in our Database of Salesforce Customers.

    Of all companies using CRMs, 31% use Salesforce. Further, 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce to manage their business relationships in 2022. 

    In 2022, about 50% of Salesforce CRM software companies are from the US.   

    Significant businesses, including Adidas, Schnieder Electric, and Cargill, have trusted and used salesforce.
    You can choose to market your brand on various fronts, such as telemarketing, direct marketing, SMS marketing, or email marketing, depending on your business goals, using the varied information provided in our email database.

    The IDC 2022 revenue market share worldwide report shows that Salesforce ranked #1 for CRM applications. 

    TargetNXT’s Salesforce email lists help find the right client for your business.  

    Statistics show that most Salesforce customers are US-based.  

    You can find the list of companies using Salesforce by contacting TargetNXT to get a Salesforce customers list. 

    We update the Salesforce user’s email lists every 45 – 60 days. Also, we re-verify the contacts before delivering them to the clients to make sure all the contacts are up to date 

    Walmart and Amazon are two of Salesforce’s biggest customers, with revenues of $638.78 billion and $554.02 billion in 2023.  

    Salesforce has over 150,000 customers worldwide, as per the official website.  

    According to Statista, about 50% of Salesforce CRM software customers are US-based. 

    79,390 people are working in the Salesforce globally as of 2023.  

    With a 31% market share, Salesforce is a leading CRM in the industry.

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