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SAP is one of the leading providers of enterprise application software in the world. SAP system consists of an array of fully integrated modules, virtually casing every area of the business. Hence, our human-verified SAP users email List allows you to reach the right inboxes at the right time. Our List of SAP Users guarantee your marketing campaigns a high deliverability rate, client engagement level for multi-channel marketing.

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    Companies That Use SAP

    Looking to reach companies that use SAP? Do you offer a solution that works with SAP or provide IT consulting and implementation? 

    At TargetNXT, we offer a robust SAP customers list that facilitates precisely that. It can be defined as a comprehensive contact record of companies that use SAP to help marketers target the right prospects and refine promotional efforts.  

    Our team tracks SAP customers across global verticals and verifies each record. As a result, we provide you with an expansive and accurate list of companies using SAP. With that, you can attract qualified leads and boost conversion rates. Our well-segmented list is perfect for narrowing your target audience and weaving an effective multichannel marketing net.  

    Partner with TargetNXT to access a ready-made list of SAP customers or request a customized data solution! 

    SAP Users Database

    Generate High ROI with SAP Users Email List

    Being a lead nurturing organization, TargetNXT helps you to reach the right targeted audience with our SAP Users Email List. We have a comprehensive list of IT professionals and other top-notch decision makers in our SAP Users list. We have an number of installations and customer base, over 25 industry-specific solutions across the globe incorporating all the critical functions of an organization. Therefore, if you are planning to pitch your products or services to the professionals in this segment, we are happy to help you.

    How Many Companies Are Using SAP?

    SAP is a technology company developing application software for businesses in different industries. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, SAP has a market cap of $205.77 billion as of February 2024 

    Meanwhile, around 404,000 companies worldwide use SAP software in different industries. These include finance, retail, healthcare, automobile, aerospace and more. Its customer base includes businesses of all sizes, from small and medium to large multinational companies.  

    If you want to learn more about SAP customers, contact us for a free sample. We will list SAP clients across different verticals to strengthen your ties with multiple industries and enhance networking opportunities.

    What companies use SAP the most?

    Here are some of the top companies that use SAP:

    Amazon $538B United States 1,541,000
    Walmart $630.8B United States 2,100,000
    BMW $143.1B Germany 149,475
    Accenture $63.1B Ireland 738,000
    Dell $93.6B United States 133,000
    IBM Corporation $60.5B United States 260,000
    Hewlett Packard $29.3B United States 60,200
    3M $34.2B United States 96,000
    DHL $103.2B Germany 600,000
    Airbus $59.3B France 126,495

    Collaborate With TargetNXT For a Result-Oriented SAP Clients List

    All successful B2B marketing campaigns primarily rely on using a more direct and personal approach that resonates with customers and fosters a sense of inclusion.  

    We recognize this and curate a well-segmented SAP clients list that helps focus on specific demographics or customers. Once client data is collected, we segment data based on fields, such as job title, geographic location, SAP product, and more, to make finding your ideal group of clients easier.  

    Instead of trying to promote your offerings to the entire marketplace, our list offers a focused approach that often costs less in comparison to a broad marketing approach. It ensures you find the right client that fits your product line and target audience.  

    In addition, the segmented list of SAP clients helps you attractively tailor your campaigns to your potential prospects. This increases the probability of bringing the lead successfully into the conversion funnel.  

    To provide a better idea, some of the data fields that make up the SAP clients list include: 

    Our SAP Customer List Includes:

    The team at TargetNXT lets you customize the list of SAP clients per your requirements. Marketers can opt out of specific data fields and focus more on others that fit their marketing goals. This marketing approach helps to develop highly targeted campaigns and content that resonate with the target market.  

    More notably, TargetNXT ensures that the SAP clients list includes the names of well-known organizations and professionals. Our team walks the extra mile by enlisting records of those who have consented to receive messages and emails from a business.  

    Rest assured; you will only reach receptive leads who are interested and probably looking for what you offer! 

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    Accelerate your marketing strategy with our comprehensive SAP Users Database

    How Many Products Are There In SAP?

    A German multinational software company, SAP, develops solutions to manage customer relations and business operations. Notably, it is the world’s leading provider of ERP software solutions. However, its innovative product lines include more enterprise solutions built to meet a company’s growing business needs.

    Here’s the list of SAP products that are pretty sought-after in the market: 
    • SAP ERP  
    • SAP Commerce Cloud  
    • SAP Build Apps 
    • SAP Ariba  
    • SAP Concur  
    • SAP Analytics Cloud  
    • SAP Business One  
    SAP Module List

    At TargetNXT, we build our list of top companies using SAP by considering all these SAP products. If necessary, we can also curate a list of companies that use SAP based on specific SAP products 

    Extend Industry Wise Marketing Reach With a Database of Companies Using SAP

    Companies that use SAP software experience immense improvements in workflow, better productivity, and greater customer satisfaction. SAP software is also a scalable solution that benefits businesses of all sizes. As such, the companies using SAP are spread across different industrial verticals.

    Every industry worldwide relies on SAP software, from manufacturing to retail, healthcare and technology, to boost business efficiency. Even financial and banking services, alongside the food and beverage industry, are part of companies that use SAP. 

    The team at TargetNXT closely tracks all these different industries to build a list of industries using SAP. With us, you can extend your marketing reach to other segments and explore better B2B opportunities.  

    Which industries are using SAP?

     Below are the list of industries using SAP:

    Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing SIC Codes 01-09 549 3,794
    Mining SIC Codes 10-14 1,811 12,356
    Construction SIC Codes 15-17 4,394 33,632
    Manufacturing SIC Codes 20-39 33,947 292,671
    Transportation & Public Utilities SIC Codes 40-49 11,029 88,368
    Wholesale Trade SIC Codes 50-51 13,834 110,839
    Retail Trade SIC Codes 52-59 8,594 71,510
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate SIC Codes 60-67 21,464 184,857
    Services SIC Codes 70-89 53,526 463,345
    Public Administration SIC Codes 91-99 4,245 25,521

    Customize List of SAP Users Based on Revenue & Employee Size

    Below 1M 11,393 95,582
    1M to 10M 22,867 191,843
    10M to 50M 27,855 233,690
    50M to 100M 19,734 165,559
    100M to 500M 29,480 247,323
    500M to 1000M 16,774 140,726
    > 1000M 25,290 212,170
    1 to 10 16137 135382
    11 to 50 20927 175567
    51 to 250 31688 265847
    251 to 500 16579 139090
    501 to 1000 14892 124937
    1001 – 5000 25026 209956
    >5001 – 10000 9644 80908

    Which Countries use SAP the Most in the World?

    List of countries using SAP:

    USA 64,368 540,016
    United Kingdom 11,811 99,089
    Canada 4,527 37,979
    India 6,068 50,908
    Australia 5,140 43,122
    Austria 1,694 14,212
    Belgium 1,790 15,017
    Germany 10,691 89,692
    Hong Kong 1,254 10,520
    Italy 1,637 13,734
    Japan 1,062 8,910
    Malaysia 1,857 15,579
    Mexico 1,933 16,217
    Singapore 5,915 49,624
    Spain 2,690 22,568
    UAE 1,522 12,769
    Turkey 574 4,168
    Philippines 900 7,551

    Guarantee Your Campaign Success With a Verified List of Companies Using SAP

    For any marketer out there, it might be challenging to find and locate specific SAP customers 

    Even if you can achieve this, there is the issue of verifying the information and ensuring that you have the correct data. Incorrect data can direct your marketing toward the wrong prospect, wasting resources and time.  

    To help marketers avoid this, we source each list of companies using SAP exclusively from pre-verified channels. Our data experts take great measures to pinpoint legitimate sources for data collection. A few examples in this regard are as follows: 

    Each collected data set undergoes stringent checks and evaluation to remove any errors. We use various technologies and perform manual checks to verify information. During this stage, we also conduct a compliance evaluation of the collected data to ensure they adhere to significant data policies, such as GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM.  

    Improve your brand awareness and profit margin in the right direction with our SAP Users Mailing List.

    We believe in creating opportunities and this is how we do it. We own a master database that covers the entire SAP user community inclusive of every category of business information of key decision-makers around the globe. Our SAP Users Mailing List can be used by multiple industries, sizes of businesses and all kinds of professionals as SAP products are increasing fast and have had at huge people interested in it!

    Sap Users Email List

    Which US Companies Use SAP?

    Being one of the most popular software providers in the world, SAP products are used across different industries, making it difficult to pinpoint the list of companies that use SAP products. The team at TargetNXT does the legwork for you by tracking and listing down all companies using SAP in the USA: 

    In USA 64,368 companies are using SAP. Below are some of the companies using SAP in USA:

    • Coca – Cola
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • General Motors
    • Walmart
    • IBM
    • Boeing
    • General Electric
    • 3M
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    What Percentage of Companies Use SAP?

    There are more than 404,000 companies across 180 countries that use SAP. In particular, most of these are part of the Fortune 500 and are renowned names in the industry. Some examples of companies using SAP include Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and Porsche.  

    TargetNXT has extensive measures and guidelines to track down all these companies and build a robust database. With that, you can effectively grow visibility around your business.  

    At least 86% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP, and around 98% of Fortune 100 companies use SAP.  SAP pioneered the ERP (Enterprise resource planning) space when it also included accounting solutions. The estimation says 77% of all global transactions happen through SAP software.  

    Features of SAP Clients List that helps you reach right inboxes at the right time:

    We offer highly responsive SAP clients list to help you be different with marketing efforts and roll out engaging campaigns. So, avail our SAP Customers List and gain a greater chance of effective business communication.



    Human- verified, tele verified and campaign approved.

    Opt-in contacts

    Permission passed

    All the contacts provided are opt-in for promotional messages secure lesser spamming.

    contact duplication

    Custom made

    We customize the dataset as per your campaign needs.

    High Response Rates


    We assure accuracy rate around 90% on email deliverability and around 95% on other data fields.


    Highly authentic

    Highly authentic and updated every 45 - 60 days.

    Prime Beneficiaries of SAP List of Customers

    Whether you’re a company dealing with similar software solutions or providing SAP consulting services, we help position your business strategically within the target market. Our database is a comprehensive solution for many companies looking for SAP customers 

    In essence, the prospects who can use our SAP list of customers are as follows: 

    • Businesses selling technology software solutions to SAP customers  
    • Agencies that offer support services for SAP products  
    • Companies that offer plug-ins or solutions that work with SAP 
    • Marketing agencies experienced in technical content marketing  
    • Even managers organizing trade shows and technical seminars  

    Additionally, the list of customers in SAP can be used by several other industries and niches whose target audience comprises the food and drink industry, accounting services, healthcare, etc.  

    Grow your business today with our verified SAP Users Email Lists

    Sap Users Email List

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    Being a dynamic and experienced database agency, TargetNXT is technically and manually skilled to help your business secure lucrative growth opportunities. Our hosted SAP customers list offers only relevant, updated contact records to boost business revenue.  

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    Our Clients:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our SAP customers List ensures 97% deliverability with highest accuracy.

    Amazon and Apple happen to be SAP’s most prominent clients 

    SAP software centralizes data management, which helps to provide a single view of various business functions. This helps companies handle complex business processes effectively by allowing the workforce easy access to real-time insights into the enterprise 

    SAP has a market share of around 18.8% in the enterprise software market 

    The top companies that use SAP are Walmart, Audi AG, Burger King, Porsche, and BMW.  

    If we consider revenue, then SAP is the biggest company in the world. 

    If there is one software in the world that’s being used by almost every other company, that’s SAP.  

    As of February 2023, SAP has a market cap of $205.77 billion.  

    These include Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase, and Ford Motor.  

    Most companies use SAP as it offers effective data processing, information flow, business process management, and operation solutions.  

    SAP customers include 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.  

    SAP ranks 6th among the top IT companies in the world in 2023.  

    Various companies and professionals use SAP in 190 countries 

    Oracle NetSuite OneWorld, Microsoft, Acumatica, Syspro, and QT9 are a few competitors 

    According to the latest research study, the demand for global SAP Digital Services Ecosystem Market size & share was valued at approximately USD 97.49 billion in 2022. 

    Our SAP users email  List ensures 95% deliverability with highest accuracy.

    Our SAP users email  List ensures 95% deliverability with highest accuracy.

    We ensure that our SAP Customer Database complies with the guidelines of the GDPR and Anti-Spam law. Every record in our SAP list is permission based.

    The SAP Users Lists is available in three distinct formats – XLS, CSV, and text format.

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