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Is your email marketing an asset to your brand? Is your email ROI increasing, or are your numbers looking grim?
Improve the efficiency of your email campaigns and identify opportunities that can minimize campaign costs and maximize campaign performance with our Free email marketing ROI calculator.
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The percentage of people that open your emails relative to the number of emails sent

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The percentage of people convert after clicking through on your email

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Total costs are usualy: CRM and license fee, External costs (agency) Internal hours x hourly rate

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What is TargetNXT’s email marketing ROI Tool?

Calculate the return on investment for your email marketing campaigns based on the campaign cost, target audience, conversion rate, and average order value. Our Free Email Marketing ROI calculator tool measures the return on investment (ROI) of your email campaigns and is used to calculate the profitability of an email campaign given the cost of running the campaign, the number of people who responded to the campaign, and the amount of revenue generated by those responses.

What to enter?

Type of calculation – Select the calculation type that you prefer. You can assess the email campaign performance throughout the year, month, or any specific campaign/s so as to gauge and reflect on the campaign data & performance trends.

Your currency – Select the desired currency, and choose from the list of available options.

Send Volume – Enter the total number of recipients to whom the campaign was sent or is to be sent. For a more accurate ROI figure, exclude the bounced emails from your sending volume. Enter the total number of subscribers in your email list who received the email campaign. Filtering out the bounced mail will give you more clarity on the actual number of recipients who have received your email.

Open Rate – Enter the percentage of the recipients who opened the email out of the total number of emails delivered. This is usually calculated by dividing the number of unique emails opened by the number of emails delivered, excluding bounced and undelivered emails.

Click Rate – Enter the click-through rate for your email marketing campaign. This is the percentage of subscribers who opened and clicked on the CTA in the email.

Conversion Rate – Note the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns. This is the percentage of subscribers who opened the email, clicked the call to action in the message and took the action your business requested. Conversion rates can be measured using Google Analytics.

Net Conversion Value – This is the average net value of a conversion. Enter the average amount spent per customer. The average conversion value is calculated from the total sales for a given period and the total number of customers up to that period. In Google Analytics, it is also known as the average spend per customer (ASC) or average order value.

Total Costs Per Year – You may have multiple email marketing campaigns, but looking at them individually will help you evaluate the digital efforts of different campaigns generated for different projects or business goals. To calculate the cost of a single campaign, divide the total cost by the total number of campaigns.

Understanding your results

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your email marketing campaign to gauge the worth of your emails. Use our email ROI calculator to set goals, maximize your ROI, and plan future marketing campaigns.

TargetNxt’s Email Marketing ROI Calculator is designed to help brands understand how much revenue they can generate from each campaign they send. This can be used for planning future campaigns or to see how past campaigns have actually fared. It will also help you decide how much to spend on your favorite marketing automation tool, understand how much sales you need to make, and how much you need to spend on email marketing to consistently achieve higher ROI.

Measuring the ROI of your email marketing is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns and driving business growth. With our Free email marketing ROI calculator, you can improve your open and click-through rates and ultimately improve your email marketing ROI. When done right email marketing can help you reap incredible results. Do feel free to connect with us if you are looking to make the most of your email campaign endeavors.