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Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, work in patient care, providing support to both patients and nurses. With over 997,871 CNAs in the US, TargetNXT can help you connect with thousands of healthcare professionals across the country. Our CNA email list isn’t just a collection of names and addresses. It can help you build connections with these pros in a way that really resonates. 

TargetNXT helps you craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to the needs of CNAs. We’re sticklers for accuracy, compliance, and customization, so you can rest easy knowing your message is hitting the bullseye every time. 

Features of Our CNAs Email Database

By using our certified nursing assistants email list, you can: 

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Total CNAs Contacts


Total CNAs Contacts

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    What is the Certified Nursing Assistants Email List?

    Certified nursing assistants work in medical facilities and interact closely with medical equipment. So, it becomes important for medical supply companies to market to them. 

    A database the includes CNAs’ contact details is called a certified nursing assistant’s email list. TargetNXT’s certified nursing assistants mailing list is multi-field, well-segmented, and customizable. With the help of this CNA email database, companies can optimize and streamline their marketing campaigns and send messages to the appropriate target. 

    Why Choose a TargetNXT Certified Nursing Assistants Email List?

    TargetNXT has years of experience in handling a variety of projects and clients. Our team can help marketers find the ideal contact information. We consider the marketing requirements and objectives during the process.      

    As a result, our certified nursing assistant email and mailing lists are credible and have minimal bounce rates. 

    Here’s what makes us stand out in the market: 

    • Updated Data 

    Outdated data can hinder your marketing campaigns. To avoid this, we update our databases every 40 days to prevent data decay and provide high-quality leads. 

    • Deliverability Guarantee 

    Our stringent verification processes ensure accurate data. We make millions of phone calls to verify our information. Further, our data goes through 3 stages of validation. This means that we provide a high deliverability of 90%. Authentic data saves time and resources in your marketing campaign. 

    • Compliance 

    Our data-collection process for the certified nursing assistants marketing database is entirely consent-based. The data is compliant with established regulations such as CCPA and GDPR. 

    This makes the contact information secure and prevents unwanted legal tussles. 

    • Comprehensive Data 

    TargetNXT’s CNA email database has been compiled after careful and exhaustive research from several sources. With multiple data fields, you have vast amounts of data. We have also covered CNAs from different healthcare settings.  

    • Customization 

    TargetNXT offers customization options to help you meet your specific marketing objectives. You can run highly personalized marketing campaigns with the correct, relevant data for increased engagement and returns. 


    Customize the Certified Nursing Assistants Email List Based on Location

    Do you feel the need to take your business to the international level? Are you looking at specific regions to target your marketing? With our geo-segmented certified nursing assistants’ contact list, you can easily focus your marketing campaign on a particular area.  

    You can launch marketing campaigns on a global scale. Reach nursing professionals in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.    

    This global reach will allow you to broaden your customer base and increase the scope of your brand. 

    Certified Nursing Assistant Email list

    Who Can Use Certified Nursing Assistants Email List?

    The different beneficiaries of our certified nursing assistant email database include: 

    • Medical Equipment Suppliers: Companies that provide medical supplies and devices that help CNAs can use this list to reach their audience. In fact, a Florida-based company increased its sales with our email lists.  
    • Healthcare Software Providers: Businesses that offer software solutions for healthcare management, scheduling, or communication can target CNAs who might need them for their daily work. 
    • Pharmaceutical Companies: Businesses offering medications can target CNAs as patient care often involves pharmaceutical products. Moreover, they can provide resources for clinical trials, research and development. 
    • Hospitals: Hospitals and other healthcare centers can use certified nursing assistants email addresses for recruitment. 

    Different Data Segments in the Certified Nursing Assistants Email List

    TargetNXT’s CNAs mailing list contains various data segments that instantly help you find relevant data. By sending messages tailored to different segments, businesses can improve conversion rates. 

    Here are some segments we provide:

    How Do We Build the Certified Nursing Assistants Email List?

    At TargetNXT, we ensure that we use credible sources that are also secure and consent-based. We collect data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive database. 

    Here are some of our sources: 

    A One Stop Solution For reaching the CNAs

    How Do We Deliver the Certified Nursing Assistants Email List?

    We ensure the certified nursing assistants mailing list is delivered safely and securely. When you purchase the list, you will receive an email. This email will contain a link to download the data safely. 

    The list mainly comes in two formats – .xls and .csv. If you prefer a different format, reach out to our team for the same.  

    You can always reach out to us at info@targetnxt.com or +1(800) 20224-8308. Connect with us today to power your marketing campaigns with accurate data and reach greater heights. 

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